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Hi, i have this pc: http://www.ebuyer.com/product/168382 running windows 7, 64bit

my iphone worked fine on my old pc running windows xp.

now it wont sync, generally getting a "timed out" error message. ive spent hours trying to find a solution to no avail. want to scream/cry. thought it might be something to do with that gigabyte bios update but i downloaded that and if i did it right it hasnt made a difference. arghh

if anyone can set me in the right direction i will literally love you forever

pc, Windows 7
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    I'm having this exact same issue. In fact, I've been having it since I've had this iPhone (when it was released). I brought it up then, but I got the "iTunes doesn't support Windows 7" response and they couldn't help.

    But iTunes supports it now, so I would suggest calling support. That's where I'm headed.
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    Well I called support and the man on the other end told me to reinstall iTunes. Other than that he couldn't help me. He also told me that iTunes doesn't really support Windows 7. Worst customer support call ever.

    Seriously, telling me to reinstall and jiggle the cables isn't support!

    For the record, I've reinstalled iTunes several times hoping this would clear up the issue.

    Good luck, letournoi. (lol, I could work for Apple support)
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    Fixed it. Click restore. It took a while, but I got everything to sync in one go.
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    You saw the 3rd post, you have Windows 7 and not supported by iTunes so reinstallation will not work.

    Solution: Use a computer WITHOUT Windows 7. It is Windows 7 and iTunes causing the problem.

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    gnome- what Exactly did you do?

    seems a joke that apple and microsoft havent worked together to sort this out. i couldnt afford a new mac so i got a PC which happened to come with widnows 7 and im being punished for this. total joke
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    tried another restore.. it has now deleted all my contacts.***!?!?!?!? this is beyond bad!

    trying anohter in the blind hope that itll restore to the previous settings.. needless to say its frozen itunes again. totally sht
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    Good thing you couldn't afford a new mac. Apple stuff is overpriced and even worse its proprietary to other apple stuff. Why would you limit yourself to that?

    Anyhow I had Windows 7 and iTunes working fine until recently. iTunes thought my iphone was syncing to itunes for the first time recently.. no idea why. So I let it clear out the iphone music, etc. Thats when I tried to move my music back and starting getting sync time outs.

    My workaround at the moment is to boot back into Vista as I'm dual booting this system.

    I'm seriously concidering verizons droid at this point. I'm reading that it does everything iphone does but it has a bit of lag...
    A bit of lag is far better then dropped calls, poor signal, almost non-existant 3g coverage, and compatibility problems with Windows!