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I have a G5 that i bought about 6 years ago. Never used it much but want to use imovie to put movies on youtube. However i am having difficulty using G5 as it tells me the browser etc is too old.

What are the upgrade options (I guess snow leopard is out of the question) and if i upgrade will have have to get new versions of :

Final cut pro (version 4.5)
DVD studio pro (version 2.0.5)

The G5 is currently running:

OS X 10.3.9
Power PC 970 (2.2)
2 CPUs
L2 cache per cpu 512 kb
memory 1 gb
bus speed 1 Ghz

G5, Mac OS X (10.3.x), PowerPC 970
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    that is the same problem i am having. when i go on some sites with firefox or one of the other many browsers i downloaded it says i need to upgrade but i cant since i have os x 10.3.9. i just posted this a few other places, please let me know if you get any help and i will do the same!
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    Hi Seven

    You would think it is a fairly common question, as I heard that many people keep their macs much longer than PCs.

    Hopefully someone chimes in soon. Just to clarify i am looking to upgrase the Operating system


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    The short-term fix may be to try Camino browser 1.6.10, the last one supported
    for OS X 10.3.9, still available from their download page. The newest won't do.

    Another would be to get Firefox from the older downloads at the Firefox
    page at Mozilla Firefox and see if that can help. Also, if the computer has very
    old Shockwave and Flash players (adobe site has newer) those may be updated
    but Panther 10.3.9 does not use the newest of these, either; so get the correct
    ones for the older OS X and also get and use the Uninstallers for these products
    first, or you will not be able to install the newer of them. This question has been
    answered in one way or another. On more than one occasion by me.

    The PowerMac G5 (tower) and others, given adequate RAM, hard drive capacity
    and free space, and other considerations, can run Leopard 10.5.x and getting
    the retail disc package is the path. Also, if you use iLife components, to get a
    newer retail version suitable for use with the OS X is a good idea. Your G5 should
    be able to run the last iLife (iPhoto may be handy. I don't use but have it.)

    Consider adding RAM and a second hard disk drive among other possibilities.

    You may call and ask if it is still possible to get the retail Leopard 10.5 installer
    disc set from Apple sales (see phone number in main pages of this web site)
    and they may be able to sell you a copy. If you may need iLife, maybe you can
    get a deal at the time by purchasing both. On that, I do not know. I was given
    a cast-off retail disc set from persons who had upgraded past the OS X, yet
    I have not installed Leopard in my computers. Tiger is adequate & stable.

    The best path would likely be to do a totally new installation on a secure erased
    hard disk drive, overwrite zeroes, reformat, full new install; or a second hard disk
    drive in the computer dedicated to this new OS X version, and keep 10.3.9 on
    another hard disk drive for awhile. You could dual boot some OS X versions.

    If you want to see some specs on most Apple items, you can get a good free
    downloadable database from MacTracker worth a look: http://mactracker.ca

    You can browse Apple - Support and read about products & requirements;
    maybe even search for the range of hardware and OS version for yours.
    http://www.apple.com/support/ This may take some time for older versions.

    Supporting older software in a newer OS X version... this question may be
    one for the discussions about the software itself, to see if that has a limit
    in the path open to you, be it Tiger 10.4 or Leopard 10.5.

    Good luck & happy computing!

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    Thanks very much

    I would like to try and get the newest operating system that my G5 will support and from what you are saying it can run 10.5 so i will look into it


  • Roland Lucas Level 1 Level 1
    Resolution: is as described above.

    I found Firefox here


    I downloaded the flashplayer 8 from adobe.

    Now i can go to youtube which was the primary goal. Upgrading to leopard is not a great option as i will need to upgrade final cut pro and dvd studio pro