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I know Apple's master plan is to force bloatware on us that "helpfully" controls every aspect of our computing experience... but this is flat-out vile.

A couple of months ago I downloaded the newest Safari (well, newest that would work on 10.4.11). It stunk. It bombed. It stunk AND bombed. Luckily, a very helpful guardian angel right here on these boards helped me out and I was able to deep six that useless program and go back to the OLD Safari, which actually works.

Poor fool me. I should have learned my lesson. Note to self: KEEP FINGERS CLEAR OF "SOFTWARE UPDATE" BUTTON AT ALL COSTS.

Anyway, the other day I was trying to stream HD content on iTunes and it didn't work, so I figured maybe I should (sigh) update iTunes... and DID.

Uh, oh... you guessed it. The "new" iTunes REQUIRES the "new" (and useless) Safari to even RUN the iTunes store.

So my question is... how do I deep six the new iTunes (9.02) and go back to the old one I was using that DID access the iTunes store without making me screw up my computer with the useless Safari update?

iMac 17" Intel, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    It gets worse. Now I see the Nanny Program adds an "automatically added to iTunes folder" all over the place. Lovely. Like iTunes wasn't annoying ENOUGH.

    I see other people have complained about this, but no one has offered a solution. Maybe a time machine - but to the era when were actually allowed to organize our computer by ourselves.
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    Used the FAQ to delete iTunes, found the old version on line and installed it. Good to go.