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sorry if this is a bit dragged out post, but i'll limit it to as short as possible.

bought my daughter an ipod touch for last christmas which has always been inside a hard case and never been outside and is like new when out of case(for cleaning).
last month or so it developed a small prob with sound not playing on some tracks(posted in here also), i sent it back to apple for repair, they sent it back saying it was software issue and they updated software accordingly, within days of recieving it back it started to develop another problem with the screen flickering on and off and the totally stopped responding to touch,called apple again to inform them of this and they asked for it back,sent it back again(only using their package service & UPS courier) i recieved it back a few days later with a very crude note stating they will not be repairing it because it has been subject to abuse/neglect in the form of liquid damage. no explaination as to what has been damaged or even cost of repair. i know for a fact 100% this has not been near water or any liquid, i have asked apple for an explaination and sent them 3 letters of complaint which they do not answer,i have now contacted consumer direct uk, they are advising small claims action.
anyone have similar problem or any advice they can offer? looking on consumeraffairs.com this seems to be a regular tactic of apple

dell, Windows XP
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    hi, i have recently bought ipod touch 3rd Gen.On the 14th day after i bought, it started to show a symptom. It has grey/white faint grid on the screen around the light emitting part. i heard this used to happen in iphone with version starting with 7XXXXXX.
    DO you know if they can replace my ipod touch with new one?
    The service here in China is very bad. The Chinese guy here in dealer says that it is normal. He doesnot understand a single English word and keep saying it is normal.
    I am tired with these Chinese guys. Can you please help me out?
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    Take it into your nearest Apple Store and speak to them in person. That's often more effective.
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    stating they will not be repairing it because it has been subject to abuse/neglect in the form of liquid damage. no explaination as to what has been damaged

    Inside the iPod, there is a water sensor which can be seen in the headphone jack without diassembling the iPod, which turns pink when exposed to water.
    If the sensor has been activated, the warranty is void.
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    did you even read the original post? you told me nothing i dont know
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    Yes I did read your post. Did you read mine?
    The water sensor was exposed to water (which you said never happened) so the warranty is invalidated.
    I explained briefly about the water sensor, which you seemd to not know existed.
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    If the water sensor has been triggered, Apple will refuse warranty service. You state that the iPod has never been exposed to moisture. I'm not saying that you would not tell the truth, but many people claim that a unit hasn't been abused only to find/admit later that it has, so your protestations will probably be in vain. Apple will point to the sensor being triggered as hard evidence that it has indeed come in contact with moisture. Heck, unless you've had the unit in your possession 24/7 since you got it, you can't even with certainty say that it hasn't; many children have, for instance, inadvertently and sometimes unknowingly had a spill in a backpack that damaged some electronic device.

    As others have suggested, you can try taking the unit to an Apple Store and discussing the issue. You can also call the Apple tech support line and asking to speak with a customer service representative. But I would guess that neither route will be of any use; Apple sees the moisture sensor triggered and that ends the matter for them.

    You can see your options for out-of-warranty service from Apple here:


    They have flat repair prices for iPods which you can see here:


    Alternatively, you can pursue repair though third-party service providers. Whether or not those would be more cost-effective I can't say.

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    problem rectified but not solved, Apple store in Aberdeen very helpful,Apple online *****!
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    thanks dave, i knew about the sensor being triggered in the jack port. no mention if the other sensor had been triggered inside the device tho, the way they described the amout of liquid (not moisture as they say they will not be affected by that)which had been sufficient to trigger this would have meant it had to bee submersed in liquid, i have no reason to lie as i could have claimed on my house insurance for accident, my point was how does the consumer know these indicators are not prone to being faulty, maybe i never made original post clear so appologies to anyone for confusion.
    on a more positive note Apple in Aberdeen have kind of aggreed with my point and are now looking at the device. pretty poor service from Apple online(ireland)
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    I manage a cell phone repair department. In order for the sensors to be activated (they're just little pieces of litmus paper, really), they don't have to be submerged. Extreme humidity can do the trick. Think taking your cell phone into the bathroom while you take a steamy shower. That's why we don't use it as the sole determining factor anymore. Apple, however, has a more absolute policy.

    I'm glad you got it worked out.