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Cory James22 Level 1 (30 points)
I never figured out this problem until today:

•My visual voicemail appears to be functioning, nothing denotes otherwise.
•I was wondering why no one left me voicemail after they called, so I decided why not check it manually.
•I help down 1, and lo and behold I had at least 30 messages over the past month.
•Occasionally a message comes thru to my visual vm, but apparently not all.

So basically how do I get this working? It doesn't even alert me when I have a voicemail.

I'm on At&T, running 3.0.1 (could old firmware be the problem?, I have reasons for keeping it at 3.0.1, and no it's not jailbroken.)

BlackBook2,1 2GHz Core2Du 4GB RAM - 3 Mac Minis 2GHz Core2Duo 1GB RAM - All Run:, Mac OS X (10.6.2), iMac24" 06 Model 4GB RAM 2.16 -3G iPhones 8+16GB -nano 2GB(1G) 8GB(3G) 2x8GB(4G)