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I restored my 80GB iPod classic with disk utility after i partitioned it to run OSX off of but now itunes wont recognize it. When i unplug it it still runs but it doesnt have any music or videos. i tried restoring it when it was in disk mode with diskutility but im not sure what settings to use right now it is useless and i would love to be able to find a solution to my problem

Ipod Classic 80gb, Mac OS X (10.6.2)
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    You should not use the disk utility to do Restore your iPod, which is for format the iPod. Instead you shall use iTunes to do the Restore, which = quick format + installation of iPod software.

    The easy way is to find a friend who has a window base PC, connect your iPod with it and do a Restore with the iTunes preinstalled there.

    Once it done, reconnect your iPod with your Mac, and should get recognized this time, then use Itunes to Restore it.
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    I used my dads computer to reformat it with windows and that worked but when i plug it into my mac it just comes up as a storage device. Itunes opens but then it doesnt recgonize my ipod as there. I think it has something to do with the way i formatted it in disk utility and that i formatted it as extended instead of MS-FAT
    really anything would help because right now my ipod is being used as a paper weight
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    Restore=quick format. You either do a restore on your dad pc with pc or do a erase in disk utility and then it should able to do a restore on your mac
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    when ive done both of those without luck
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    Try going back into Disk Utility and formatting your iPod as an HFS+ drive, then opening iTunes and see if that works. I have used Disk Utility to restore iPods before, so I know it works, it's just a last resort as it makes the iPod not show up in iTunes. Even if it shows up as corrupted, you should still be able to restore it. If not, safely eject the iPod and reconnect it. That usually fixes it for me.

    If you do go the Windows route, format it using iTunes on the PC and then bring it to your Mac and format it for Mac. You should be able to use Disk Utility to partition the disk without erasing it all. Just go to the partition submenu and switch it to 2 partitions. There should be a separator between partitions 1 and 2. You can drag that to determine the size of each partition.
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    my ipods a f*ck i tried to restore the settings on my 20gb ipod classic and it started to restore but it said to finish process i need to plug it into a wall power source but i didnt have one at the time its a day later and ive pluged it in for like 10 minutes and tried all the reset stuff but nothings working like even when its pluged into the wall it only shows the picture of a charger going into a wall outlet and i cant do anything and itunes wont detect it even when its connected what do i dooo
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    It still isnt working after i formatted it do i format it by putting it in disk mode and then doing it?