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I need an application or console command that will show me the temperature of my CPU.

I'm running a Beige G3 that is using a G4 processor. It's running OS 10.3.9 through the use of the application xPostFacto. I've found the apps "Temperature Monitor 4.8" and "Hardware Monitor 4.8," but those don't support any Mac OSs below 10.4.x. Temperature Monitor 4.7 supports Mac OS 10.3.9, but I can't find a download of it for the life of me. All of the links redirect to version 4.8.

Please, any help would be much appreciated, my project is at a stand still until I can find something that works.


Beige G3 tower with G4 processor, Mac OS X (10.3.x), Powered by Wild Nacatls
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    Click on my TMM name at left & send me an email. I'll send you the 10.3 version. Don't know if your Mac has the sensors to monitor the temps.

     Cheers, Tom

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    Thank you very much Texas Mac Man! I received the application via your email and it works well. Unfortunately, it looks like the only thing in my G3 that has a temperature sensor, is the third party Hard Drive. No CPU temp readout for me. Oh well. I'll just have to be careful with how long I push the processor.

    Thanks again! =D