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I am not sure if this is the right place but let me explain what is going on. With iMovie, I am putting together films that look much better as .MV4 files than as DV-Avi files. Being I need the DV-Avi files to load into DVD Studio Pro, I don't know how to make the files look better in iMovie. Plus, I don't think it is possible with all the attempts I have made. But, being these .MV4 files are okay with me, I was hoping I can use them in some way to author a DVD. Is this possible? Maybe someone has some other solutions. Thanks for any help.

I guess I should add that I want to make a region-free DVD without a menu.

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    It seems you already know that an m4v file won't work, but you still want to anyway? And why is it you think you need an AVI file? AVI is an old Windows based file (container) format.

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    my problem is that the movies I make in iMovie are much sharper when I convert as an .M4V file. But, for DVD Studio Pro, I need to convert as a .MOV file with DV compression (I meant just DV and not DV-AVI before). So, I am wondering if there was a way to either get the .MOV files to look as good as the .M4V files or find a way to accept .M4V files. I want to make a region-free DVD so I think I can't just drop the .M4V file in and burn a DVD and that is why I am using DVD Studio Pro before I burn the movie in Toast.
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    Use the expert export settings to export from iMovie to an uncompressed Codec and drop those into Compressor to make m2vs and AC3 files, then bring those files into DVD SP. Not sure what your original footage was (HDV/DV) but you want to avoid compressing and recompressing....

    Some links for Compressor

    [Link To Errors When Encoding|http://dvdstepbystep.com/faqs_3.php]
    [Link To Making Things Fit On A DVD |http://dvdstepbystep.com/faqs_7.php]
    [Movie Showing How To Set Up Compressor In General|http://www.dvdstepbystep.con/compressor.mov]
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    I have a question: as uncompressed 8 or 10 bit? My original footage is low quality VGA video from a digital still camera. I'm confused by compressor and not sure what you mean. The bottom link doesn't seem to connect.
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    Sorry about the linlk [here it is|http://www.dvdstepbystep.com/compressor.mov]

    If it is low quality VGA there it is going to be rather Compressed anyway, 10 bit is not going to be worth using. And there may not be much difference between the Codecs, but AIC or ProRes (is that on the machine? Could be if you have DVD SP and the recent Final Cut Studio...)

    Basically if you export as a mv4 in is Compressed then bringing it into DVD SP (or Compressor) will compress it again. If you can get the most out of iMovie before going to Compressor, the "hit" from Compressor may not be as visible....