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I am having no volume; however, if I were to plug in my headphone jack sound would work. I read that theres a switch within headphone jack that makes the sound to optical out?..There is a red light within the headphone jack as well..I read that you can push the switch with a toothpick or something similar but didn't work..I don't got a close apple store nearby

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.8), Model Identifier: MacBookPro5,1 , Processor: 2.53 HGz Intel Core 2 Duo, Memory 4
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    Hi, I got this problem too. The toothpick thing should do the trick. Try to insert it and gently push forward the hole (it works better if you follow a round path doing this).
    Anyway if this doesn't work you have to bring your MBP to an Apple Store or support center.
    Let me know, bye!
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    no luck yet..
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    The switch inside the audio jack is stuck. If using a toothpick did not work, you need to take the computer in for service.
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    I was able to put a regular headphone back in and then unplug it slowly. This reset the switch and I got my volume back. Best of luck.
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    Same thing happened to my MBP. Pushing a bobby pin into the headphone jack fixed it. I'd like to know what causes this problem in the first place.
    Thx for the help.
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    Next time you have to do this, don't use anything metal: you could cause a short circuit in the port that might require a costly major repair. A standard headphone plug or a non-conductive material like a wooden toothpick or skewer is safer.

    I realize that most bobby pins now are covered with a plastic or resin coating, but it can wear off, and it isn't put there as an electrical insulator.