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I'm looking at getting the iMac 27" and I'd like to have two side monitors, in portrait mode, on either side. The side monitors will be connected to separate machines and are not primary monitors, so I'm not looking for outstanding quality. My main focus is on having monitors that fit vertically without a lot of overhang.

My question is, what monitors would you recommend as side monitors?

Thanks in advance.

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    Well these are the dimensions for the 27":

    20.4 inches (51.7 cm)
    25.6 inches (65.0 cm)

    I take it you'd want a monitor that in portrait mode is pretty close to 20.4 inches high? Just doing a quick search brought up a lot of options...you'd have to decided what quality and price point works best for you. I have a 21" Samsung SynMaster 213T that looks great and has a portrait mode. It is just over 20 inches in portrait mode so would look pretty good on either side of your iMac. My advice is go to a computer store with a tape measure and test them out for yourself.

    ~ Kort
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    Kort -- thank you for the fast reply!

    I think that answers my question perfectly, so I'll be looking for monitors that are in the neighborhood of 20.5" wide.

    You've been a big help. Thank you.
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    Glad to help.
    Don't forget to take into account the stand height and if it is adjustable!
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    Excellent point. However, I'm planning on mounting the iMac and the two side monitors on Ergotron LX Desk Mount arms (http://tinyurl.com/c9rlw4). These should give me all the flexibility I need, but thanks again for the tip.
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    Oh, then please take the iMac weight into account.
    The LCD arm you linked can carry up to 9.1 kg, while the 27" iMac weighs 13.8 kg.

    The arm is thought to mount LCD DISPLAYS but not complete computers like the iMac.
    And the linked one is thought to be used with LCD displays of a maximum of 24".

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    iMatt_Muc - GREAT suggestion and thank you for attention to detail!

    Now I'm on the hunt to find an arm that can mount to my desk and support the 27" iMac.

    Any suggestions?
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    Thanks to this thread on the MacRumor's Forums, I found a perfect mount for my new 27" iMac. It's the Innovative 7500-1500. Amazon has it for $99 at this link.

    The monitor arm is heavy duty and easy to install. I used a grommet hole on my desk and now the most gorgeous computer I have ever owned floats above my desk like a work of art.

    As for the dual portrait monitors, 17" seems to be the sweet spot for display area, but 20" worked better for side-by-side size. However, I've given up on the idea. There's so much room and power I just don't need them anymore.