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I've read of some people have success using SL, sadly I'm not one of them. Just got the Canon 7D and the supplied software doesn't work. The program runs, unlike some who I've read find it crashes, but doesn't recognize my 7D or Rebel XTi.

I'm able to transfer my photos and videos via external card reader but need to use the remote live view feature. Curiously enough, it did work once for a few seconds but I've never gotten it to work again.

Thanks in advance for everyone's help.

MacBook Pro ('06 Core Duo), Mac OS X (10.6.2)
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    Hi deknk12;

    I suggest you ask Canon for help.

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    Thanks Allan, I did email them and got a response about the 5DMKII which I don't have.

    I posted here because I have read of people having this work and wanted to see if they did anything special or if I'm cursed.

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    Good luck. EOS Utility 2.6 Remote Live View failed to work with Leopard (10.5.6) for over 6 months before Canon and Apple finally managed to fix the problem. Apple pointed at Canon - Canon pointed at Apple.

    Apple definitely made the change that broke the software (Image Capture Extension) as it also broke Nikon software and some other digital camera software.

    Now that it is finally fixed, I can't upgrade to Snow Leopard because I know it will break EOS 2.6.1 Remote Live View. Yay.
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    Thanks pheh. When I emailed Canon I got a response that they were working on it, and accidentally referenced the 5DMKII which I don't have.

    I can't understand releasing a camera when it won't work with software that's been out for over a month, let alone leaving users who spent a significant amount of money out in the cold for this long...
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    Canon released the software...thanks all!