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Sorry for this long post but I hope this will help other users of Front Row.

This is how I create a testmovie.mov file from an DVD, TS_FOLDER or other source and the subtitles (soft) will work in Front Row, Quicktime, iTunes, without Perian or other special plugin. In my case the subtitle is NOT burn into the video. It is a track in the testmovie.mov file.

Also I use Elgato turbo h.264 HD to speed up coding. Not necessary.

1. Create a .m4v movie file (h.264 codec)

In my case I start the application that comes with Elgato turbo h.264 HD device, called Turbo.264.HD

2. Drop the DVD, TS_FOLDER or other video to convert, onto Turbo.264.HD application or other video converting application.

3. Click on the little "i" info symbol and the select Audio. The source maybe contains different languages. Click OK.

4. Select Format. In my case "Apple TV" format (I will use this video on my Mac Mini). Click Start. After a while the video is finished. In this example I call it testmovie.m4v

5. Download subtitles from Internet. Google: subtitles download

6. Open the testmovie.m4v in RoadMovie application. This application works for me, but there may be others. http://www.bitfield.se/roadmovie

7. In RoadMovie, click on Subtitles button and then open the downloaded subtitle file. In this example called testmovie.srt Also, click on the "little eye" Preview. In this view you can adjust the time offset for the subtitle to sync with the video.

8. In RoadMovie select "Export for: Flattened". This will create a testmovie.mov file with a new subtitle track in it, without ecoding the video.

9. Open testmovie.mov in, in my case, Quicktime Pro and the select Show Movie Properties.

10. Select the video track and set the Transparency to Composition. Layer 0

11. Select the subtitle track and set Transparency to Straight Alpha. Layer 0

12. Save changes and close Quicktime Pro

13. Move the testmovie.mov to Movies folder

14. Start Front Row and select Movies->Movies Folder->testmovie.mov



MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.2)