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Please help. I've had my 3GS for a few months and it appears to have died. It won't charge from the wall charger or from my mac (I've tried two different cables) plugged in directly into the mac followed all the usual suggestions (press and hold both buttons until my hands hurt and still nothing, no sign of liquid damage, itunes won't recognise it)

I'm stuck. I've been having the random shut down problems and I've recently taken the phone abroad (mainland Europe) where it charged fine ut the battery ran down quickly.

Please help.

G5, iPhone OS 3.1.2
  • ShadyMac Level 4 (1,250 points)
    Aside from the possibility that the overseas charger was bad and damaged the main board of iPhone... you may have a bad phone and if holding the buttons and trying to enter DFU or recovery mode don't allow the sync to occur... then only option is to make an apt with the Genius Bar... Keeping in mind if it was damaged by the overseas charger they will not cover the phone...
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    Ok. I used my UK charger though.
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    It's still possible a short from charging blew the main board of iPhone...but I'd play dumb and just go in and say it wont boot at all or charge and you'll get a new phone from the genius bar