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I NEED HELP! Every time I connect my iPod Classic to my computer, it automatically ejects within 30 seconds or less (usually less). I have removed and reinstalled iTunes on my computer, to no avail. Nothing will sync. Any ideas on what I can do?

Dell, Windows XP
  • DaveS303 Level 1 (10 points)
    I have the same problem. The iPod (80GB Classic) was connecting and syncing fine until iTunes upgraded to version 9. Now when I connect the iPod, it says "Connected", then iTunes starts, then the iPod goes to "Ejecting" before iTunes recognizes it. If I start iTunes before connecting the iPod, the iPod still goes from "Connected" to "Ejecting" without iTunes ever recognizing it. I have tried resetting the iPod, running it in disk mode, re-installing iTunes; nothing seems to help.
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    Ditto - just started happening - how about some help apple?
  • carrma Level 1 (0 points)
    Yes, just started having similar problems here, too. I've tried rebooting, switching the ipod to disk mode, repairing permissions and turning off autosync in itunes but no luck so far.
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    same thing happening here. i'm about to break something.
    it doesn't even show up in itunes. as SOON as i connect, it says ejecting.
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    Add me to that list. This is especially frustrating for me now, as I just purchased an audiobook that I need to "read" for school specifically so I could listen to it on my iPod while I'm doing other things.
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    yes, yes, yes.......another disappointed apple customer with the same problem! I am getting tired of reading all the reports of this problem with no answers from apple. When will this problem be solved?
  • imvile Level 1 (10 points)
    hey you've got the same problem with my 80 gb classic

    i "enable disc use" and manually manage my ipod and it's work
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    I've had this problem for the longest time. I had an older 30 gig ipod that never had that issue. As soon as I got my new 120gig classic, it would never connect.

    The only solution I've found is to make sure your ipod is fully charged before connecting it. That seems to be the trick. Sometimes my computer won't charge through the usb connection to my computer (it shows the plug icon instead of the lightning bolt charge icon), so I have to stick it in another dock I have to fully charge it. Once it's fully charged, it usually connects. Strange.
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    I only came across this problem last week when I bought a new 160gb classic.

    It disconnected itself before Windows had chance to try and recognise it.

    I stuck it on a mains charger for a few hours and all was ok.

    Having used it during the following day, it started to connect and eject continuously each time you tried to plug it into the USB port.

    The same connection is also used, successfully, for two 2nd Nanos and two 5th Classics.

    I left the 160gb connected for a few minutes whilst having to attend to something else.

    When I un-plugged and re-plugged the USB connection, it now tried to sync with iTunes, but failed and ejected itself.

    As it was charging, I left it and on the next re-plug, all was ok.

    Same thing next morning. Use it, plug it in and it ejects. Charge it and all ok.

    What I have also noticed is that the 160gb shows a battery icon in iTunes between its device name and the small eject button.

    That only appears for this device and not the others, thus indicating some battery intelligence has been built into the 160gb.

    My supposition is that the new classics have firmware that rejects an attempt to connect and sync with iTunes below a certain power level.

    Perhaps a little fine tuning is needed to the firmware by Apple? Do Apple have a view on this?

    Sorry for being so verbose but I hope this helps or stimulates a discussion.
  • DaveS303 Level 1 (10 points)
    The battery charging did not help me but I was able to get my iPod to connect to iTunes again (without immediately ejecting) by removing iTunes 9 and going back to iTunes 8.2.

    I pretty much used the procedure outlined by whitwhit009 on some related threads (e.g. 771192#10771192 ).

    To remove iTunes 9, I used Apple's procedure for removing iTunes, QuickTime, and other related software:

    I had to go to rect-download-links/ to get the iTunesSetup.exe file for 8.2.

    It took several hours for iTunes 8.2 to re-import my music library (of about 50G) and another couple hours to re-sync my iPod once it connected.

    After connecting to 8.2 I was able to update my iPod software to 1.1.2. I am not sure if this makes it now safe to try iTunes 9 or not, but at least things seem to be working with 8.2.
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    I am having the same problems as mentioned above. My concerns are as follows....

    i am not exactly a computer genius and do not have the first idea on how to revert back to an older Itunes program.

    And more importantly, im worried ill wipe all of my itunes tracks in the process of undertaking such a task. (i use an 80G Classic , of which im using about 50G so far)

    Is there an "idiots" Guide somewhere that i can follow?

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    I'm having EXACTLY the same problem with my ipod classic. I upgraded to iTunes 9, and since then, when I connect my iPod Classic, it automatically ejects it, even without having the time to do a restore or anything else.

    Downgrading to iTunes 8 is not an option for me, because meanwhile, I moved my iTunes library and downloaded several podcasts which are not available any more. If I revert back to the "old" version 8 iTunes library, all file references are wrong. And if I reload my complete library based on the new file locations, I will loose all my playlists.

    Could someone please help with a solution ? I have a second, older iPod Photo which syncs fine with this new iTunes 9 setup, but my newer ipod Classic is now useless !!!
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    As I said in previous message, iTunes 9.0.2 works for all of the iPods except the new 160gb Classic.

    As soon as this gets below a certain charge of the battery, it cycles through connect and eject.

    Charge it for an hour or two (via USB or mains charger) and then reconnect it to iTunes and all is ok.

    Try charging your classic to full capacity on a mains charger and then connect to iTunes.

    Hope this helps.
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