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Well, I had the 2nd gen iPod nano, but is not working. So I decide to buy this iPod (5th gen nano) to replace the older one. I bought it and in less than a month (2 weeks and 3 days), my iPod have problems with the internal speakers. I already read posts about it, and solved my problem for a while restoring my iPod. Maybe you will ask why I write here if my problem is solved. Let me tell you. I am thinking of returning the nano and buy the 3rd gen iPod Touch. But I know that the Touch have speakers too and I'm afraid of buying it and have the same problem again. Do anyone who own or know someone who own the 3rd Gen iPod Touch can tell me if this happen on that iPod? I don't really know. Maybe I send my old iPod to a repair store, instead of buying a new one. I need advise on this, help me.

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