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I did a front page update a month ago and everything worked fine. But when I opened up my site with iWeb today to make a small change, the whole page was scrambled. Information was missing and the format was completely scrambled. I tried to restore a back-up copy from Time Machine, but iWeb refuses to recognize the file. What happened during this past month? Was there an update to iWeb that caused this? Basically I now have to scrap my front page and do it over from scratch as it is unusable as it is.

MAC Book Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.2)
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    the same thing happened to me and mine is a revenue-generating website, ***??????
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    In the process of re-building my web page I found that one of the fonts used on the page had somehow become corrupted. The letters were showing up as white on a white background thus invisible and the leading was so large that it was pushing everything off the page. I could not fix the font so I substituted another similar font and was able to repair and recover the page. I am not sure how this happened but I did download several fonts in the past month. So this appears to explain what happened.

    This does not explain why I was not able to restore my month old back-up of the iWeb file. That is not encouraging for the future as back-ups seem not to work with iWeb.