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If you watched *_toturals on the youtube_* like how to put _*passwords on folders using*_
_*disk utility*_

Then this is some steps on how to _*delete them*_

Example of how i made a password file

*open disk utility
*then file ➤ new ➤ *Blank Disk Image...*
*A window saying

Save As: (The Name Of The file)
Where: (Desktop) Example
Name: (The Name Of The Disk)
Size: (100 MB) Example
Format: ! keep as is !
Encryption: 182 OR 256
Partitions: ! keep as is !
Image Format: Read/Write disk image

*if you did it like that then follow the _*steps below on how to delete it*_

*- #1 without tempering*

1.Make sure you have a backup before tempering with the disk utility and if you already have a backup before making any thing use your backup and every thing will turn normal
2.Empty your files to any were on your computer after putting your password
3.Then delete it *(Make shore the Disk is ejected)*
4.Empty your trash bin while it stops deleting click control + option while its deleting to forse delete
the item

*- #2 If you already damedged the file then Follow the steps below*

1.Go to the get info page then rename the file (Delete every thing including the format)
then type 1.txt then click use .txt
open the file and delete the text inside if there is text (Using Textedit)
2.Type a random text in the file and then save
3.After that delete the file normaly