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To get a couple things out of the way, I have an HP G60 Notebook PC. It's a 120US if that means anything ad itt runs on Windows Vista.

I have recently, and seemingly out of the blue, been having trouble connecting my iPod Touch to my computer. It won't recognize that I have connected a device to the computer what so ever. I can however connect my iPod Shuffle and my wife's digital camera to my computer and it recognizes it fine.

Keep in mind that I have had this problem for roughly the last 5 days and have researched this issue somewhat diligently on the internet during that time. So if there is some skull slapping obvious thing that you might be thinking is the solution please give it a second thought. I have done everything from rebooting my iPod Touch, uninstalling and reinstalling iTunes, and even uninstalling and reinstalling my spyware as a last ditch effort.

Any help at all is greatly appreciated. I am desperate.


Windows Vista
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