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I recently d/l an app and it is stuck on "Waiting...". I tried doing a hard reset of my phone and I had no such luck getting rid of the app. I went back into the app store and it says that it is installed when it is indeed not...any advice?

Dell Inspirion E1405, Mac OS X (10.6.2)
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    Download it into iTunes and sync your phone. That should complete the app install.
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    Same thing here! Ugh! I tried to download Shovel Free and it sits there "Waiting..." I have synced and tried to drag the stupid thing to the Trash. Nothing works. How in the world does one get rid of a bogus app??? Help us please!

    Thanks & God Bless!

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    I'm having the same problem, but for some reason, I can't log into my account on the itunes store. It keeps saying my connection is being reset, but there's nothing wrong with my connection on anything else.
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    I'm having the exact same problem. Tried to download the free Paper Toss app and it is stuck on "Waiting". I'm unable to delete this app since it's in "Waiting" limbo.
    I also cannot log into my iTunes account - getting the same error message about connection has been reset.
    And I did Sync my phone up on my computer after this happened but it didn't fix the problem.
    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

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    Not sure what happened, as I kept trying to "delete" the bogus waiting app, any way I could...I was frustrated (obviously)...and then I kinda sorta just plopped my iPhone down next to me on the couch, kinda sorta mad...and I looked and the waiting app was GONE! Weird...to say the least! I don't know if the "slamming technique" had anything to do with it or it just finally quit or what??? Guess one never knows when downloading these apps...whew!
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    It looks like my "Waiting" app has disappeared now, too, and I am once again able to log into my iTunes account. I've just downloaded a different app to test it and it seems to be all better. Yay!
    I'm not sure what happened there - but I'm just going to avoid downloading that other app, just to be on the safe side!
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    Cool! You are braver than I...just backed away from downloading any more apps at least night! Sleep better, ya know!

    Oh, and I think your "handle": AwesomeGoddess is pretty cool.

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    I had the problem and was able to fix it by doing a hard reset.
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    Just turn your itouch/iphone off. I just did that and it works
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    Yeah just turn off your ipod/iphone it worked for me
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    i was at school playing battle bear free on my itouch 2g and then i bought the full version.....but while i was downloading it just stayed on waiting.....i turn off my itouch and back on but it still said waiting...... PS....i was on the schools wifi.....i came back home and plugged it in to the computer & sync but it wouldn't go away.........please help me.......and i don't have wifi at home
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    My problem was I purchased apps that were too big to download via my cheap WiFi so I did the following:
    1. Fire up iTunes.
    2. Connect iPhone. Wait for it to connect.
    3. Click on iTunes Store.
    4. In the top right of iTunes, click on your account name. Select the 'Account' option.
    5. Once the account information screen has displayed, if you have "Downloads available for iTunes: xxx", then click on the big "Download Now" button to download your item.
    6. Once they have completed downloading, Sync away.
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    Here is what I did to get rid of the stuck "Waiting..."
    1. Went to itunes and downloaded the update for the app.
    2. Connected my iphone to my computer and sync my iphone so the app was updated on my iphone.
    3. But the "waiting..." grayed out box was still there and the updated app was not, so I opened up App Store on my iphone.
    4. Closed App Store and the "Waiting..." grayed out box was gone and replaced with the updated application.
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    Thank u davecua! u solved my irritating waiting problem!