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Ok, I have a Ipod Classic 80gb, which now will not power on. When I connect to the USB charger (usb is not the problem as all other devices work properly with the usb) it will not charge nor power on. The scren flashes every2 seconds between a white apple logo and a black screen. The charging bar does not come up. If I hold the menu and center buttons, the screen will stay on for 3-4 seconds or so with the ipod logo then go black. This ipod is out of warranty so I am looking for any possible suggestions. Thanks in advance.

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    The first thing to do is plug it into the charger _and leave it alone._

    If your iPod battery is fully drained, it will not respond when you first plug it in. Typically, it needs to be left alone for at least thirty minutes, after which time you should see some life in in. If you have connected it to your computer, then once again, the computer will not see the iPod for at least thirty minutes.

    When the iPod (or your computer ) does show some sign of life, you still need to leave it to charge up sufficiently so that when you unplug it, it has enough power to keep going!

    One more thing, are you using an Apple charger or someone else's? If it is another make of charger, are you sure that it's powerful enough? There are several makes of USB charger which will not charge an iPod because they don't supply a high enough current. A USB charger may well work with every other device you can find, but that does not mean it will work with an iPod. If I remember correctly, some USB chargers supply 300mA, but an iPod requires 500mA.)

    You need to do all the above before we can establish why the screen "flashes every 2 seconds between a white Apple logo and a black screen". (It could be that once it powers on, it then doesn't have enough power from the charger to keep the screen on.)

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    I have made sure I am using an Apple brand USB charger, it seems as though the battery just wont charge. The screen flashes when I put it on the charger, but the charging bar dosnt show up. Im thinking it is turning off an don and not holding a charge. Is there anything I can do? Take the ipod apart?
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    cgraz1187 wrote:
    ... The screen flashes when I put it on the charger, but the charging bar dosnt show up.

    So you said previously. However, you have not specifically confirmed that you left the charger plugged in for _at least thirty minutes_ before deciding that it isn't charging.
    Im thinking it is turning off an don and not holding a charge.

    You could be right, perhaps the battery has come to the end of its life. They don't last forever. If you carry out my suggestion, and the iPod does come to life but then the battery drains very quickly, that would suggest a worn out battery.
    Is there anything I can do? Take the ipod apart?

    I would recommend that you _do not take it apart_ unless you know what you are doing - which, since you've asked, means you don't. Don't take that personally, iPods are very delicate and very tightly packed and if you take it apart you may not be able to put it together again. Even if you do, it is possible to damage the electronics while fiddling about with it. Also, I'm fairly sure that Classic iPods have a specially designed case, which once opened, cannot be resealed. Someone may be able to add to this, but I think early Classics are re-closeable while later ones are not.

    Check this page; https://selfsolve.apple.com/GetWarranty.do to find out what you repair options are. If you supply the requested information the result should be a list of Apple Service centres in your area. For a fee, they can replace "worn out batteries". There are other battery replacement options - search on the internet. I suggest you choose an option which will replace the battery for you, for the reason I gave above.

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    By the way, I used the Apple Service to repair a non-warranty iPod. The battery had worn out.

    I was directed to a local (to me) "Apple-authorised service agent". That means it's not Apple, but it is one of their repair agents, who knows what they are doing. So try it, even if you are "miles" from an Apple store.

    Note though, that what they do once confirming that the battery is worn out is give you a replacement iPod, of the same model. This of course, will have none of your music on it.

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    i have the same problem with my ipod. how much did it cost for you to get a new one?