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I'm trying to connect my iMac to a Windows XP share, but not having a great deal of luck. If I share a folder directly off the main Windows XP hard drive, I can browse and launch the files fine on my iMac. If I attempt to enter the shared folder off an external drive that is connected to my Windows XP machine, I get the following error:

The operation can't be completed because the original item for "xxx" can't be found.

So to be clear, I can see my Windows XP machine just fine, I can also see all shared folders just fine, but I cannot connect to any that happen to be sitting on externally connected drives, only ones directly off the internal hard drive of the Windows XP machine.


Mac OS X (10.6.2)
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    Well after a great deal of searching, this turned out to solve the problem:


    I had tried it at one point, but I didn't bump the value high enough, the magic number for me was 20. So far it appears to be working, time will tell how stable it will be.
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    I had a different problem that gave me the same error message; i.e. +The operation can't be completed because the original item for "xxx" can't be found+. Brixel shared the solution to his problem so I thought I would share the solution to my problem.

    I was trying to enable a Mac mini (running Snow Leopard Server) to share DVD drives located on a Dell Dimension or on a Dell Inspiron. The mini and the two Dells are on the same network.

    Apple provides instructions for doing this in the Everthing Mac manual that comes with the mini. However, the manual does not mention that you must run Apple's ODSSetup.exe on your PC to enable DVD sharing. It is not sufficient to merely use Window's Share option.

    The ODSSetup.exe file is available on

    After running the file on both Dells I successfully was able to read DVDs from them.