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Anyone got a workaround for printing mailing labels to couples (yeah it's Christmas time again...) when you have individual entries for each partner in the Address Book?

I tried creating a custom field for a 'Mail To:' name and put all my addressees in a Smart Group if they have 'Xmascard' in their notes, only to find that there's no way to define which fields are printed on the label – it defaults to the regular name.

Merging from the Address Book group into Pages is possible but there seems to be no option for printing to pre-formatted labels; the only output is one page per entry.

Any ideas?

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    you need to use the related names "spouse" field in AB and indicate that Mrs. Jobs is the spouse of MR Jobs (and vise versa). Then the mailing label will automatically be addressed to Mr. and Mrs. Jobs. see this link for details
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    Hi V.K. – that's a pretty good fit for a lot of my contacts, but for others would be too familiar (we Brits, like some Canadians, still retain some formality where it's needed) so 'Mr and Mrs' is more appropriate in many cases. Also from this link it seems that the implementation of this 'feature' is unforgiving and relies on some undocumented logic (like recognising guys' and girls' names) to work.

    The bottom line here is that the AB printing facility is a compromise and that Address Book fields should be individually specified for printing. I was hoping that Filemaker's Bento was going to provide a more flexible way to do this, but as far as I can make out, it doesn't provide any print features, never mind a query function.

    So still looking for a flexible solution....
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    I don't understand the problem. if you want Mr and Mrs just include them as prefixes in the address cards of the people in question. there is a prefix field in AB just for that.
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    Can't get this trick to work in 10.6.2 - perhaps this feature has been removed? Anyone else still able to do it?

    In any case, as one of the replies points out, once you set this up then a label to one of the pair will always print as 'John and Jane Doe' – that's no good for everyday use.

    Still searching...
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    I too want to create envelopes (I used to do labels, but now just print right on the envelopes) that print something other than the name in my Address Book. For example, my addresses book has an entry for Mary Smith, but I know her husband is David.

    Here's my workaround for printing envelopes using Address Book and Pages:

    1. Create a Group in AB (I use a smart group of everyone with "Christmas" in the note field.
    2. Add Nickname to the AB Template (AB>Preferences>Template>Add Field
    3. Type the information how I want it to appear on the envelope. I prefer "The Smith Family" to trying to use first names, children names, etc. But each entry can have it the way that works best. So even "Mary Smith and Joe Jones" could be entered in the Nickname field.
    4. Open Pages (I'm using iWork '09) and create an envelope. I chose an envelope from the Envelope templates under Word Processing and I changed the font/size to what I liked. You can also make a custom sized envelope.
    5. Delete the first and last sample name, but leave the company name. Pages seems to use "Trenz Pruca" as the sample addressee -- that's what you want to delete.
    6. Go to Edit>Mail Merge . . .
    7. Choose your Group in Address Book
    8. Click the arrow drop down menu for "Merge Fields" and change the "Target Name" for Company Name Related Name > Nick Name. I also changed the all the address fields to the home addresses instead of work addresses, because I wanted it to pull the home addresses.
    9. Merge to a New Document.

    It works for me! I can make changes to my smart group until I'm ready to print all the envelopes. You do need to add a nickname for all of your contacts -- but that actually works really well for me. And that nickname will be there for good, I don't need to change "Mary" to "Mary and David" and then back to "Mary" after my cards are mailed.

    Hope that helps!
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    I think I found a workaround to make labels.

    Basically you merge your information into Pages. As the OP wrote, each address is on a different page. So perform and Find and Replace (Advanced). Find all the Section Breaks and Replace them with 2 Paragraph Returns. Now you have all your addresses on one page. Change the margins to .31 on the R and L. Change the top margin to .5 and the bottom to 0.0. Make 3 Columns each 2.625 wide, leaving just .0025 between columns. Adjust the size of your font and line spacing to get your addresses 10 down the page. Ok, it gets a little sloppy at this point and you might have to make adjustments if you have addresses that have 4 lines. I got it to work with Times New Roman, 12pt, line spacing:1
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    This kinda works after a lot of adjustments - and of course for differently-sized labels the measurements will have to take account. But it's a lot of work for something that MS-Word, with all its faults (and there are soooooo many) does right out of the box, with presets for a vast range of standard labels.

    C'mon Cupertino, the next generation of iWork has to take the product into the true professional space with features like mailing label merge, cross-referencing, field codes etc.