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This is the most frustrating thing I've ever had to do. For the 4th time in a year and a half, my iTunes library shows my songs, but when i pick a song to listen to an exclamation point comes up and I'm asked if I would like to locate the song. In other words my library can't find the songs, so I have to double click on the song, click to locate the song, open up my music folder, open up the artist folder, open up the album folder, then double click the song so my iTunes library knows where it is. I have 7116 songs on my library. DO you know how long it takes to open every song?! 12 hours!! 12 long frustrating hours!! I don't know why it happens, but I'm getting really sick of going through this. Has anyone else had this happen, and if so do you know a different way for your iTunes to find your songs again? Please help.

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    Yes, I have had this happen to me when I was on my Windows computer many moons ago. What I would try is uninstall iTunes and Quick Time, and download a fresh copy from the http://www.apple.com/downloads. It should relocate all of the music and add their file names, and locations to the list of songs. If the problem persists, call Apple Support. By the way, if you are using an External Hard Drive, I would advise against keeping your songs there.
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    Thank you for the help. I will give it a try. Yes I have my songs on an external hard drive. Why is this not a good idea? I thought for as many songs as I have it was the best way to go as not to take up all my space on the computer's internal drive. Is there anything else I can do? My computer isn't a newer computer so my space is kind of limited, and I think 7100 songs will take most of, if not all, my space. Is having the songs on an external hard drive the root of my problem?
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    i too would like to know about the external hard drive issue. i have some songs on my hard drive that i have ripped from a cd, downloaded as mp3 and even downloaded from itunes itself and itunes does not recognize the songs and put them in the library. this is getting really frustrating. any help would be great!
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    I have all my song files on an exHD and there is no problem at all, because I have assigned it a permanent drive letter. That way, Windows never changes its drive letters around when I plug in a USB stick or camera SD card.

    iTunes uses absolute paths to the music. If your exHD is F: one day and G: the next, it will lose the paths to the music. I suspect this is what has happened in your case.

    Assign a drive letter to your exHD:
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    Along the lines of your reply, I have an external drive with all my songs set up in one folder on my E: drive that I added to itunes via "add library". They play fine when I have the drive plugged in, but I wish to move them on my internal drive as I have plenty of hdd space and I will not have my ex hd with me all the time and I want to make new playlists for my iPod. How can I move (or copy) the file on the E: drive to my computer then get Itunes to recognize it? My fear is that Itunes won't be able to "locate" the songs or that I will create 5000 duplicates to sort through and delete. Any help would be appreciated.
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    the only time that the drive letter changes is when i transfer my itunes music from one computer to the next. the drive letter for my exHD has never changed. out of 1065 songs only about 334 will show up in my itunes library. will the solution you provided correct the current problem or is there more i will have to do?
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    Run the itunes consolidate command as explained here
    http://www.ilounge.com/index.php/articles/comments/moving-your-itunes-library-to -a-new-hard-drive/

    itunes will copy the files to your internal drive, and not lose the links to the files.
    If you just copy them over using Win Explorer, the links will be lost.
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    i guess i need to be more specific about my problem. what i did was i consolidated all my music from my imac, desktop, and laptop all on my exHD. so far the only songs i have found that wont open in itunes (by addind a file or folder, clicking and dragging it, or double clicking the file itself)have been songs in my itunes folder consisting of the file extension .m4p or .m4a and are either songs i have ripped from cd's or downloaded from itunes. i took the exHD and hooked it up to my desktop pc and put all the music in my itunes library on there but then i did the same with my laptop since i can carry it to work with me. i primarily use the laptop but my hd is not large enough to hold everything. i have done a lot of searching on this topic and find the mp3tag vaildator programs are recommended but will they work for the files i am having problems with? i just want to get my music working since i paid money for them. thanks for all the help already!
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    Katrina S,

    Thanks for your help, the guide was simple and it worked perfectly. Everything on the exHD is now playable in iTunes without having to have to drive connected and the store purchases are playable again as well (I had backed them up on the exHD).
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    Wow, I wonder if that's what happened this time. I did plug a usb flash drive into my computer and right after I did opened my iTunes library and it showed my songs but couldn't find them. Thanks, I'll assign it a permanent path, and hopefully this doesn't happen again.
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    I assigned my external hard drive a path. How do I know it's gonna stay on that path if I plug a usb, or any other device into my computer. Since I got this ehd, it has always been an f drive. As soon as I plugged that usb stick in I noticed my ehd was now set at g drive. I set the path for the ehd to g drive, but I'm afraid to plug anything back into this computer. I'm still going through getting all my songs. I'm about half way there, and I'm afraid of uninstalling iTunes and reinstalling it, or plugging anything else in at this point because if it doesn't work I'm right back to where I started. I've been at it off and on for about 5 hours and I have at least 5-6 hours to go. This really *****.
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    +Since I got this ehd, it has always been an f drive.+

    That's what you should have assigned it to then....F: like it was before you plugged in the usb stick.
    now it sounds like you are halfway thru changing the itunes paths to g...
    yikes! A lot more work than you needed to do.

    +How do I know it's gonna stay on that path if I plug a usb, or any other device into my computer.+
    Cuz those directions I posted are from microsoft?
    It does work, my exHD has had its letter as K: for years.
    Make sure to never assign drive g: to any other USB device.
    Next few times you plug something in, take a close look at your drive letters....your exHD should stay at G: now that you have assigned it.
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    I have a similar problem. I reorganized my music on my hard drive. Now Itunes only finds the songs that I did not move. I uninstalled Itunes and downloaded and reinstalled it but the same thing happens. Do I need to uninstall, then delete the Itunes program folder?