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I am a current Sonar and Windows user and I am pretty much sick of all the crap I have to do with Windows to make it work consistently.

I am thinking about using a current Mac Mini and Logic Pro or Studio as a DAW. Will it work for me? I used Addictive Drums and mostly audio tracks, guitar, bass, vocals. I cannot afford a Mac Pro.

Feedback please...

PC, Windows 7
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    The current minis are pretty fast. You should be able to use a lot of tracks before it is overloaded. As long as you are sure that you won't need to much ram or expandability, it should be fine. The minis are faster than the dual 1.25 G4 that I used in my pro studio up until last year.
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    With Sonar the only way to get past 4gb is to use 64bit Windows and that is a compatibility nightmare. Most people use 4gb of RAM, and feel it is enough as long as you have processor horse power. Do you have much lag problems with OSX and Logic Pro? I use M-Audio Fast Track Pro sound card.
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    I used the first Intel mini with Logic a few years back and it rocked no issues.
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    I am actually using Logic Studio 8 (Pro 8) on a Macbook 2.16gh, 3GB ram, but I am Booting (and have OS 10.5.8, Logic. and several other Apps) from an External Maxtor Firewire 400 HD. I don't even use the internal HD and have no OS on it. This works great with no ussues and works a lot better than booting from the Internal HD. This would actually be the same with the Mac Mini, and maybe even faster. U suggest you try putting the OS and Logic on an External Firewire HD and boot from this HD. You may need to the SYSTEM PRFERENCES and make the External HD the actual boot drive. I promiss you will be amazed and this method has worked well. I even did this on a single processor Imac G5. but the core 3 duo is faster.
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    I am really excited about the fact that O am currentle running a Macbook Core 2 Duo 2.16 GB Logic Studio 8.02 and haveing great resules. I think part of the reason in because I am actually booting from an Ext F/W 400 HD and running everything on this external HD. The new Mac Midi is faster and can have twice as much ram (4 GB). The Mac Mini should be the same as the Macbook I have(except the increased ram). This drive is much faster than the internal drive in the Macbeek and also the Mac Mini. I was even able to run this same Ext drive on an Imac G5 single processor. I am using OS 10.5.8 and also used the 10.5.8 when on the Imac.
    Don't used a USB Drive necause it probable won't work near as well.