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Hi all.

I am still trying to learn the Mac system. I am sending this from my windows XP machine. My Mac is a Power Mac G4 and the Mac OS is 10.6 recently updated from 10.5.5 if my memory serves me right....I think.)

This Mac machine has a Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-115D burner. The firmware is version 1.13.

The most recent firmware version for this burner is 1.22.

From what I have read so far the firmware update procedure is a lot more complicated in the Mac system then it is from within Windows, either way, it's too complex for me at this early stage of my learning.

As it turns out, the removal of the burner from the Mac is not too complicated and twice as easy to fit it to the windows XP machine.

Now my question:

If I move the burner to the Windows XP machine and update the firmware from there, will I achieve the same desired result? In other words, will I have update the firmware to version 1.22 and workable with this firmware when replaced back into the Mac machine?


eMac, Mac OS X (10.6)
  • Kappy Level 10 Level 10
    First, you cannot install 10.6 on either an eMac or any PPC Mac. 10.6 is Intel only and a G4 is not an Intel machine. So either you don't have a G4 or you are not using 10.6. It would be useful to get this information in your forum configuration profile correct.

    It makes no difference where you update the firmware, but I would be careful to verify that the drive will continue to work with the updated firmware in your older computer.
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    Hi Kappy.

    I did say "I think", but you made me get up off my butt and here it is.

    eMac, Power Mac 6.4
    Mac O.S. X 10.5.7 (9)61)
    Kernel Version Darwin 9.7.0

    As taken directly off the Mac screen. I think it may be a good idea if I also take a look at my profile just in case.

    Now the next part of your answer, how do I go about finding out that it will in fact work on the eMac with the updated firmware, that is actually my question in this post?

  • Kappy Level 10 Level 10
    I honestly don't know which is why updating firmware outside of Apple supplied updaters could be risky. However, if the firmware updater you plan to use also saves the old firmware so it could be reflashed if necessary then there's little risk in giving it the go.

    Consider not updating if there's no particular reason to do so other than just updating.
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    Hi Kappy.

    That was a quick response! I think you are correct. I do not "need" to update to the latest firmware as my other burner works perfectly on the windows machine.

    This whole thing started when I tried to make a ripped backup on the Mac of a "much loved" DVD movie before the kids love it to death. I ran Mac DVDRipper Pro, but received an error message "Fatal error while mapping DVD Bad TT_SRPT offset, bailing out".

    Mind you this is the first time that I tried to use this program, as I said, I mostly use windows.

    Normally I would say that the problem was that the DVD was too badly damaged to get a reading, but when I tested 3 other movies I received the same message.

    Somehow I thought that it may have been the burner rather than problem with the ripping program, but I am probably wrong there also.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Well your assumptions may be correct, I don't know. Newer disc formats and recording methods may be a problem in an older optical drive. Perhaps the information about the firmware update would indicate what fixes and enhancements are being provided for the drive.

    Have you tried using Toast to make the backup or use Disk Utility:

    Duplicate a CD or DVD

    1. Insert the DVD/CD;
    2. Open Disk Utility, and select the DVD/CD from the left side list (select the DVD/CD icon on top);
    3. from the DU File menu select New | Disk Image from Disk 1;
    4. Choose to format the disk image as DVD/CD Master, name the disk image and click Save;
    5. When the .cdr file is finished select it with mouse and press COMMAND-I to open the Get Info and check the box to lock the file;
    6. Choose the .cdr file from the left side list, click Burn, and insert a new, blank DVD or CD.
  • Janset Level 1 Level 1
    Hi Kappy.

    No I have not tried your method yet, as I said, I am still a learner on the Mac.

    I do have a question in your method though. To copy a DVD, part of the process is having to decrypt the original which involves using a decryption program and this is where the problem presents it's self.

    I do not know if the problem lays with the actual decrypting program that I used, or the optical drive not reading the protected DVD for the purpose of decrypting.

    I will however give your suggestion a try over the next week or so (time is a bit of a problem at the moment) and see what turns up.

  • Kappy Level 10 Level 10
    I'm sorry but decrypting a commercially encrypted DVD is illegal. Because this site is owned and sponsored by Apple we cannot assist with illegal activities.

    I suggest you contact the publisher of the disc and see about getting a replacement.
  • Janset Level 1 Level 1
    Hi Kappy.

    It really would be nice if the publishers would be so generous as to give me a brand new DVD for my tired and well used copy, which we know this would never happen, but I do take your point.

    Thanks for your input.

  • Kappy Level 10 Level 10
    Well, you can assume they won't or you can contact them and find out. That's your choice. Personally I prefer facts over assumptions when possible.