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So last night I get into my car and plug in the iphone and it tells me there's no music on it, despite the fact that I currently have about 15 gigs of music on it. But according to the phone, I have none. No music, no playlists, nothing. The phone indicates that I still have only 3 free gigs, which tells me that the music is actually still on the phone, because if it somehow got deleted, I'd suddenly have an extra 15 available gigs, right? So it's on there, but the music player refuses to recognize it or allow me to access it, despite the fact that it's seen it all just fine for months and there's never been a problem before.

When I got back home I plugged the phone into the computer and loaded up itunes, which confirmed that yes, the music was all still on the phone. And yet even when plugged in, the phone still said I had no music. Just for grins I tried adding a new track to the phone, just to see if it would let me access it. When it finished syncing- it once again showed me all the music on the phone and would allow me to access and listen to it. 12 hours later and I can still see the music and access it, which is great.

Now everything's back to normal, but I can't help wondering- why did that happen? And will it happen again? What caused the phone to suddenly decide that I had no music and what made it change its mind and decide that I did? Should I be worried? Is this a sign that my iphone is dying? Or does this happen to everyone now and then and I just had no idea?

I'd really love to know if anyone else has had this problem or heard of this problem or has any thoughts on it, etc. Rest assured that any input anyone has would be greatly appreciated.

Much obliged!

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    An interrupted or failed sync can lead to the mis-classification of music (or other content types) as Other on the iPhone, meaning it still takes up space but cannot be used. Sometimes, adding another song and re-syncing corrects the issue - if not, a Restore (from backup) is needed.
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    Thanks for the info, I appreciate it. Though this leads me to a follow up question. Now and then itunes will tell me that connection between itunes and the iphone has been lost, even though the phone is still connected to the computer and I've touched nothing and not removed it, etc. I have no idea why this happens (and it doesn't happen a lot, thankfully) but clearly this could be the reason why all my music disappeared.

    I'm wondering- why does itunes lose the connection like that? I could understand if it was a wireless connection, but a wired, physical connection shouldn't drop out like that. What causes itunes to suddenly decide it can't talk to the phone anymore? Has anyone ever investigated this? Are there methods to avoid this problem, or is it just yet another unexplainable phenomenon of itunes?

    Any thoughts would be appreciated, believe me.
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    Welcome to the club. And no, restoring doesn't fix it. The problem might coincidentally go away after restoring, but it doesn't fix the problem. It happened to me and I restored and it still was saying "no content". Anyway, meet dozens of other people with the same problem, but no official solution.

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    My guess would be that you're doing other things on the computer - USB data flow is governed by the CPU, so if your CPU activity pegs due to another application, the connection may drop. This happens with keyboards, mice, etc., but the very short-lived loss of connectivity is not noticeable - except when a device is expecting a constant connection, like the iPhone.