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My set up info is listed below my questions/concerns. Please keep in mind I have already factory restored to 2.0, and updated properly to 3.0.1, and re-sync'd, and I am still experiencing these problems. "Run diagnostics" has yielded a correctly functioning ATV. network diagnostics has yielded no errors.

Problem #1: Since the upgrade to 3.0, and 3.0.1, when I press play/pause, to pause audio (podcast,music etc.) it pauses instantly, as expected. When I press play/pause to resume playing, ATV takes upwards of 90 seconds to resume playing. Sometimes its <20, most times its right around a minute. But playing a file for the first time, is instant as expected. This problem is with original ATV remote, harmony 880 pro, and iPhone Apple Remote App, latest update.

Problem #2: This ATV update (3.0+) has yielded the absolute worst sync'ing performance ive ever experienced. My apple tv will be stuck on the "syncing apple tv" with striped activity bar for a half an hour sometimes, before i quit it. Other times, it will take ~60 seconds to figure out what it needs to sync (one or two podcasts at most), and then it will act as though it is syncing, and say "syncing 1 of 50." But really ,as I mentioned, there is nothing other than a podcast or two that is new since I last sync'd. And it will never get past "1 of 50 or 2 of 50 and i have to quit out. Other times, it will take ~60 seconds to figure out what it needs to sync, then, it will actually sync it as expected, in a quick manner. Its not like it NEVER syncs, or ALWAYS gets hung up on one file, it is completely unpredictable and unreliable. Im not saying this update is an issue for certain, but signs right now point to this being the main cause since the performance was never this bad before. Sure i got hang ups occasionally with <3.0, but nothing i couldnt trouble shoot to problematic files, formats, and iMac issues.

Just as a note, I have been using ATV since 1.0 and am very familiar with all options, set ups, processes.

Set up:

ATV 3.0.1
iMac (2006), 10.6.2
Music server is a 2TB Drobo on USB2 connection to iMac.
Connection is wired ethernet
ATV is 144GB capacity, 47GB free
Hard drive has been upgraded in 2/09 (hope its not going bad?)

Please help if you have any suggestions, or are experiencing the same issue(s).

iMac (2006), Mac OS X (10.6.2)
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    so, can anyone tell me if apple is doing anything about this unreliable update? Ive found many people having problems with the 3.0+ update.
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    this is a user-to-user support form. there is no input from apple.
    no-one here will know what apple are planning to do about anything.
  • supraru Level 1 Level 1
    ok, well i guess that is pretty disappointing.

    this has gotten pretty absurd. I decided that I'd go to the fall back plan and stream my content. That doesnt work either, the ATV tells me to go to itunes and input the code, but when i go to itunes, and click on apple tv, its the standard window for sync'ing.

    so i figure, great, thats broken. Guess Ill just have to play it in tunes on my imac, and select the apple tv as the output speakers. Wrong again, it plays as normal for about a minute, then dumps out on the feed.

    does anyone here have any troubleshooting tips beyond the standard? In my mind its kind of a long shot that my HDD is faulty, considering the ATV plays all content fine (with the exception of the above play/pause issue) that is already sync'd.

    and again, i'm not sure that it is network related due to no network changes being made, and every other device operating properly.

    i dont know, i guess im in the wrong place for help with this. thanks anyway guys.
  • Chenks Level 5 Level 5
    if you haven't already, i would suggest removing all links to itunes from the appletv (and removing any links to appletv in itunes), and then doing a factory restore of the appletv.

    then update it to current firmware, and once that is complete, connect it to itunes again.
  • supraru Level 1 Level 1
    thank you for the suggestion, but as i mentioned in the first post i have already done this. Now i am attempting to remove my sync'd library, and set it us as a streaming library, kinda what you suggested.

    i woudnt want to stream as a solution, but still just trying to rule out problem areas.
  • Alley_Cat Level 6 Level 6
    The sync library will also stream non-synced content so you could just customise your sync settings not to sync anything.