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Thanks for taking the time to read this.


To set the scene; I'm currently overseas and not returning home for a few months yet. The iMac I normally sync the iPhone with is at home but before I left I did copy the whole iTunes Library across to a MacBook Pro 13" I purchased during the one week notice I had before leaving the UK. Having left in a hurry I didn't get a chance to do a full check of the new set-up and iTunes on the MBP always pops up and offers to set up the iPhone from new or from a really old backup. Luckily I've been adding content over WiFi and syncing with MobileMe.


In early October I often got the same message on my iMac where I normally sync to and as it was reporting that there was no content. I tried several restores with no improvement so in fact I spent the whole of October (when I was away in Nepal with no computer) with no access to Music or Video content on the iPhone. The content reappeared without a further sync or restore the first time it was connected back to the iMac.


So to summarize my iPhone has been behaving erratically for a fair few weeks now.


Today the phone began to run very slowly and having installed a few new apps last night over WiFi I decided to reset it quickly as it often brings the snappiness back in my experience. The iPhone never came back on. If I press the sleep/wake button it shows the Apple logo for a few seconds and then goes off again. I've tried resetting it from this state with no change. Upon connecting it to the MBP it is not recognized in System Profiler and on the device itself does the same Apple logo for a few seconds and then off.


Has anybody got any ideas to try next?


Many thanks



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