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Hi! Please help me before I heart my brain.
I bought the HD season pass of Lie to me TV serial ( i did it on apple tv). Now when I open itunes and when the new episode became available it start to download SD version instead of HD. Sometimes it downloaded both SD and HD version.
Like today it downloaded the episode 9 season 2 in SD only, and on anther computer SD and HD versions both?
What's going on?
Of course on apple tv it's always downloaded HD. But I sometimes watch it on my mac, and I need HD NOT SD.
Is there any setting to downloading HD instead of SD on itunes or what?
Is there any way to "tell: itunes to download only HD always?
And why did it downloading SD version, anyway if I bought HD? I do not need it at all

Help me please because I contacted the support and robot over there with name Paul gave me some copy-paste text and never answer my real question.

MacPro, Mac OS X (10.6.2), 4 GB memory, 1.5 Terabyte HD
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    If you purchase the HD version, you will (unless something goes wrong) automatically get both the HD and SD versions. The HD version is for watching on a computer and the SD version for transferring to an iPod or iPhone. There's no way to set the iTunes Store to download only the HD version and not also get the SD version.

    If you know you purchased an HD version (and can confirm this in your Purchase History in your iTunes Store account) and only got the SD file, then contact the iTunes Store Customer Service department using the form on their Contact page and let them know about the problem. You may have to exchange a couple of emails with iTunes Support before you get beyond the "canned" responses.

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    Thanks a lot for the reply!
    The problem is that I irregularly gets SD and HD! It's like one day I get both versions and the other just SD.
    There is also a problem with apple TV. I just get a new one and I fought that just by sing in with my existing name and password I will automatically get the next show downloaded. But is seems no. I press Check for downloads button in apple TV a million times and get nothing ( all accounts details is correct and password is ok too), but itunes already have that next episodes ( of course in my case only in SD this time instead of HD). So I am stuck. I tied to press buy season pass once again , but it just warned me that I am about to buy it again ( because I own it already). So no new episodes in apple TV and only SD version on my mac.
    Bloody ****!!!!
    Is there an option to transfer purchased items on new apple TV what I didn't know about?
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    The problem is that I irregularly gets SD and HD! It's like one day I get both versions and the other just SD.

    Have you confirmed via your purchase history that you are indeed purchasing only the HD versions and are not inadvertently purchasing the SD version from time to time? If you have confirmed that you are indeed purchasing the HD versions but sometimes not getting the HD download, contact the iTunes Store and let them know.

    I would suggest you ask about the Apple TV issue in the Apple TV forum. Someone there might have more insight into the issue than I would (I don't purchase TV shows from the iTunes Store).

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