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I've been trying to upgrade to itunes 9 on windows vista system. During the install, it says "error occurred during installation of assembly policy 8.0.microsoft.vc80.CRT, version 8.0.50727.403 type win 32 policy public key token=1fc8b3b901e18e3bprocess architecture=x86 Quicktime installs OK, but Itunes install is interruped -- Apple Support install portion is rolled back after this error pops up. I went thru suggested Apple troubleshooting options, got same error. Ran install as administrator from desktop, also did not work. Tried installing both thru apple software updater and directly from Apple website -- still get error. I asked about this on Microsoft site, they sent me back here. thanks for any solutions.

dimension dime521, Windows Vista, 32 bit
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    flabud, try these steps:

    1) If it's not already there, move the installation file that you downloaded (iTunesSetup.exe) to your <username>\Downloads folder.
    2) Temporarily disable your antivirus program.
    3) Run the installation from the Downloads folder normally (i.e. do not Run as Admin). Be sure to close all other open windows before running.
    4) Once installation is complete, reenable your antivirus program.

    Let us know if this works or not.
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    During the install, it says "error occurred during installation of assembly policy 8.0.microsoft.vc80.CRT, version 8.0.50727.403 type win 32 policy public key token=1fc8b3b901e18e3bprocess architecture=x86

    There's a number of different varieties of that particular one going round, and the fixes (where currently possible) for it differ depending on details of the specific case.

    So, I'll ask some questions intended to try to point us towards possible resolutions.

    (1) Go into your Windows Update, and click *Update History.* Have any updates been failing for you recently? If so, doubleclick on each failed update listed in there to see a small screen with more information about the failure. What *error codes* are showing for the failed updates? (Precise spelling, please!)

    (2) Do you currently have the *Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable Package* installed on that PC?
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    Hi again:
    I disabled my Mcafee settings and moved itunes to the download folder, still got the same error msg.
    I do not have the Microsoft visual package. But, I checked my windows update and there were a few failures, the first two repeated many times:
    Cumulative security update for ActiveX Killbits for Windows Vista (KB973525)
    Error code 800731B
    Microsoft XML Core Services 4.0 Service Pack 2 KB973688
    Error Code 643
    Office XP Service Pack 3
    Error code 8024002D
    Definition Update for Windows Defender KB915597 Definition 1.65.3300
    Error Code 80200001
    thanks again for any help you can provide.
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    flabud, here are the next steps that I would suggest.

    1) If you haven't done so already, reenable McAfee. I'm guessing that you've already done that though.

    2) Create a manual restore point. You can also do this after each of the following steps if they are successful but you don't have to necessarily do it each time. One restore point at the beginning should suffice.

    3) Disable Windows Defender so that it no longer has possible conflicts with McAfee. McAfee put out this notice earlier this year because the combination of those two programs were causing problems and that notice describes how to disable WD. You should also uncheck Windows Defender using MSConfig (Startup tab) after disabling it as described in the notice. One of my systems had the exact error message described in the notice and since disabling WD it has encountered no further problems.

    4) Check Programs and Features in Control Panel for the following programs and install using the associated links if they do not show up. Restart after each installation and then check to make sure the install was successful in Control Panel.

    a) Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable Package (x86)

    b) Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 (if MS .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 already exists then do not install this)
    {I added this because I had problems with this install at the time of the McAfee/WD conflict}

    5) Run Windows Update and install any Important or Recommended updates. The installation of the programs in step 4 should allow the others to complete successfully but if any still fail make a note of them as you did before.

    6) If everything completes successfully to this point then reattempt the installation of iTunes using the file that you have in the Downloads folder.

    I've written the steps in the order that they should be done so if you run into a snag in any step let us know before proceeding to the next step.
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    Ta for the info, flabud!

    Since you're not getting consistent error codes for the Windows Update failures, and don't have the C++ package currently installed, I'd be inclined to work through the suggestions in William's post. Let us know if there are any issues with carrying out the suggestions there.
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    b noir wrote:
    Ta for the info

    @b_noir: Ta = Thanks again?
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    Just New Zealand idiom for thanks.
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    Tried the steps listed above. I still got errors when I did the Windows Update. The installation of Cumulative Security Update for ActiveX Killbits for Windows Vista KB973525 and Update for Microsoft XML Core Services 4.0 Service Pack 2 KB973688 both failed. Got error codes 643 and 8007371B. Tried the installation twice, got same codes. During one of the installation attempts, also got brief message from Mcafee that I wasn't fully protected, but when I went to fix, it changed to "fully protected." I didn't bother trying Itunes since the windows update didn't work. Any additional suggestions would be appreciated, thanks again.
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    Okay ... even if you've got your Security Packs already installed, perhaps try installing the Vista System Update Readiness Tool:

    [Description of the System Update Readiness Tool for Windows Vista, for Windows Server 2008, for Windows 7, and for Windows Server 2008 R2|http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx/kb/947821]

    ... because one of the errors it tries to automatically fix is your 8007371B.

    Any better luck with the update or the iTunes install after trying that?
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    Hello. This worked for me:

    1. Download and install 7-zip;
    2. Right-click the iTunesSetup.exe icon and choose 7-zip> "Extract to iTunes\";
    3. Next, double-click AppleApplicationSupport.msi and install;
    4. Install everything but iTunes;
    5. Install iTunes;
    5. This should be it .