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I installed Windows XP on my brand new 27 inch iMac with ATI Gfx card today, but when it came to rebooting after installing the drivers from the Snow Leopard DVD, I was met with a black screen after the initial Windows splash screen and XP jingle at the loading desktop stage..

As I formatted my partition as FAT32 I was able to navigate to the following directory and move a file (by drag-command-dragging) from the XP filesystem to my OS X desktop:

BOOTCAMP: > WINDOWS > System32 > drivers > ati2mtag.sys

No more Black Screen..

However there seems to be another , possibly unfixable problem in that XP doesn't support the 2560 x 1440 display of the 27 inch iMac, hence, visual distortion (everything looks squished). Fine if you want to use something light, but if you're needing accurate aspect ratio display like me, looks like you're screwed as far as XP goes and will need to upgrade to W7.

The screen re-draw is also pretty crappy when you drag windows around the screen, but with my limited testing, movie playback is fine. Not being a gamer, I haven't tested any.

iMac 27 inch ATI 4670, Mac OS X (10.6)
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    You are aware there are tips and fixes posted for this? or you stumbled on a solution... but booting Windows in Safe Mode and using Drive Sweeper 2.10 etc?

    Have you tried to install the latest ATI Catalyst? maybe that alone will give you your screen real estate.

    Windows 7 does have better multi-core and memory management.
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    Just sort of combined what I saw elsewhere. If you could direct me to the other threads I would be grateful. I'm completely new to Bootcamp. How would ATI Catalyst give me the correct screen resolution when it doesn't seem to be offered by the win xp OS? I'm perfectly happy to run xp and don't want to shell out to buy win 7 just for the 1 or 2 programs I want to use. The screen redraw and aspect ratio are killer and really important to me so if anybody has xp running on a 27 inch iMac with ATI graphics, I'm all ears!

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    Ok, I sorted my aspect ratio and screen redraw problem. The issue was the drivers supplied on the snow leopard DVD. They were out of date. I redid my install of XP but using the drivers off the iMac install DVD instead of the SL DVD. Screen Rez issue solved

    The next issue was no sound. I had to take a trip to the sound and audio devices control panel, select Cirrus Logic HD Audio for sound playback and reboot. Now a week after initially installing XP i'm up and running.

    Hope this helps the other poor saps out there trying to install windows!