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Hi all,
I bought a fifth gen nano for my son for christmass. While setting it up I used my details from my account, now it has been tagged as "mark yeomans ipod". Is there a way I can change the name??

Solved by iNexxFear on Dec 2, 2009 11:19 AM Solved
Just connect the device to your computer, and wait for the SYNC to finish.Once finalizedClick the iPodClick it Again so that the Text editor appearsRename your deviceClick awayYour device will be renamedRun a SYNC againVerify on your iPodConfirm by Ejecting and reconnectingI've done this a number of times. Such as with my first classic, and then on the aquisition of my second, I wanted to label them... So I edited my first to read "My Silver iPod Classic"Quick, easy and painless... Just not obvious!Good luck and happy holidays!