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I synced my outlook information to my Iphone 3Gs using ITunes. There are a Couple of problems.
1- My contact information on the IPhone is duplicated between 2 and 5 times for each contact on the IPhone. The contacts in outlook are still unchanged. How can you fix this?
2 - The Tasks and Notes from the IPhone overwrote and deleted all the tasks and notes on my Outlook. I can live with this.

IPhone 3GS, iPhone OS 3.1.2
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    Called Iphone support.
    1- create a contact folder that has no duplicates call it say (IPhoneContacts)
    2- Turn on option to replace Iphone contact list (for one sync
    3- Turn on option to sync with selected groups. Sync with the IphoneContacts group you made.
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    Can you please elaborate on...
    Where the contact folder is being created?
    Where are you turning on the option to replace iphone contacts?
    Where are you turning on option to sync with selected groups?
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    If you did not get this answered yet, I believe I can help. You first create the new contact folder in Outlook with exactly the info/contacts you want. You do this by clicking on 'New' at the top left of your Outlook Contacts screen. Be sure to name the folder, so you know what to look for when you go to iTunes. You can select the contacts you want from your orig. list and drag them into the new folder. Then in iTunes, (with your phone attached) on the info tab, go first to the Contacts section and make sure you have 'Selected groups' and your new folder checked. Then, at the very bottom of the info tab is the 'advanced' option. Make your selections there and click apply and sync, and you should get what you need. Hope this helps.
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    I was doing this process but still kept getting duplicates until I went into (iTunes menu) Edit, Preferences, Devices tab, and clicked Reset Sync History. Then after that I cleared out the contact list on my iPhone, then I was able to sync it with no duplicates. I hope this helps.