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I've seen a few programs that make this possible, but none of them seem to be able to export the groups I've created under my exchange server folder. I don't use the local folder, only the exchange folder.

Am I missing something? Can anyone give a tip to help me out?

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    I don't have any exchange accounts so I can't speak of the differences but you should always be able to just select all contacts in a group in address book and drag them to the desktop. that should create a vcard for all those contacts on the desktop which can then be converted to csv. you can use this converter for example
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    CSV stands for Comma Separated Values, sometimes also called Comma Delimited. A CSV file is a specially formatted plain text file which stores spreadsheet or basic database-style information in a very simple format, with one record on each line, and each field within that record separated by a comma.

    For Microsoft Entourage, you export your Entourage contacts as a tab delimited file. Excel can import a tab delimited file. In Excel, you Change the "Save as type" or "Format" field to read: "CSV (Comma delimited)". more info

    I checked in Apple Address Book and it doesn't appear that you can export as a text file. You can try this script that is supposed to work with the Address Book to create a .csv file.

    Export Contacts to Yahoo CSV 1.2