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Marcio Valenzuela Level 1 Level 1
Im at the portal and it has 7 leftside options:

Home - starting point which has a provisioning assistant button
Team - im the only one anyway so this is easy
Certificates - ive uploaded my CSR and downloaded the issued keys for Developer & Distribution
Devices - Ive registered my device's ID

AppIds - CONFUSING - do i need to create an AppID for each app i want to upload? Or what is this for? And how do i choose its name? because if its required for every app, then i would do something like FirstAppNameXXXX and then for another app i would do SecondAppNameYYYY...but if this is just one ID i need to create it would be diffnt...

Provisioning - CONFUSING - its asks me to create a profile name, check the certificate to use and then an AppID so i guess AppIDs are not optional. So do i need to create an AppID and a provisioning profile for each app i upload?

Distribution - i guess this is the final step...so ill get to it when i clear up the previous 2 which have me a bit confused

I would like to know whats next so i can upload, first a free app, and then a paid version of it.

MBA, iPhone 3G
  • K T Level 7 Level 7
    Follow the process in this pdf...

    iPhone Developer Program
    Standard Program Portal User Guide for iPhone OS 3.1 Version 2.5

    • AppID: One for each app is my method, but you can create a global ID if you like...see the PDF above. Not optional if you expect to go into the store.
    • Provisioning is for testing on a device - I use one profile but again, multiple IDs.
    • Distribution is for uploading to the store

    I suggest you don't waste time doing two apps, and work to design a free app that has in-app purchasing instead.

    Good luck in any case and be sure to check the portal for additional resources, how-to videos, etc.
  • BurnsComputer Level 1 Level 1
    Hello, I am new at the Developer Portal. I have downloaded all the Certificates and installed them according to the How To area. I have also have both the public & private keys showing in my KeyChain Access along with the Apple World Cert. What I don't have is the iPhone Developer Team Leader Cert. The error I get in the Organizer is: "Valid signing identity matching the profile could not be found in your keychain". I have gone through the process a couple times and the same error occurs. What am I missing?? Thanks for the help.