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Hey, I bought my iPhone about 2 weeks ago, brand new, and then it had a defect, I went to the genius bar and they gave me a new phone, but it has a different serial number, is everything else the same?

iPhone 3GS, Windows Vista
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    It'll also have a different IMEI number, and hopefully be lacking the defect.
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    They gave you a new phone, but it's the same model as your previous one - meaning identical except for the serial number (every single iPhone has it's very own serial number, which is the point of a serial number!). The IMEI will be different too, since that's also unique to each phone.

    Well, almost identical - hopefully, this one lacks the defect...
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    I bought my phone from at&t and they wouldn't exchange it. My iPhone still has the jumping bars and jumping 3G defect. However, my sibilings one doesn't. I returned it once for a brand new one already. Do you think that they will exchange it again for a box-box exchange?
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    Also, they had a iphone to iphone trade, not a box to box. So, it has a different one from the box, and it is really really bugging me.
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    If +purchased at an Apple Store+ and returned as defective within 14 days, you are given a brand new phone (retail packaging). That's one reason I recommend buying from an Apple Store, rather than the carrier. If bought elsewhere, or at an Apple Store longer than 14 days prior, that's warranty service, and for warranty service Apple has the right (and usually does) provide a refurbished iPhone of the same model. The only time they don't is right after a model is released, since there aren't any refurbs yet.
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    I bought it at AT&T and they gave me a brand new phone, not refurbished, the person at the genius bar even said that the imem and the serial number will stay the same. However, it is different, and this is really bugging me. I have a slight OCD and I can't live with this. Does anyone know if I can get a new one? I got my first iPhone November 18th. And the one from the Apple store on the 29th.
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    Also, is there anyway that I can change my serial number and my imei because this is really really bugging me. If I could go to the Apple store's genius bar would they be able to do that?
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    Do you not get the concept of serial numbers?

    Each individual device (of almost any product in the world) has it's very own unique, individual serial number that identifies that one device and that device alone. The serial number of a specific device never changes. It is what identifies the specific device. Every single iphone has it's own serial number. No two are the same.

    This is the same with your TV, your car, your computer, your printer, your refrigerator, and so on.
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    The person at the genius bar said specifically, "we will transfer the imei and the serial number," because I asked if we can get a new box, they said no, and said that.
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    I'm sure what he meant is that the new serial number and imei will be automatically put under your name in place of the old imei and serial number.

    You have misunderstood.

    I don't know how we can make this more clear to you.

    Everything is fine. Nothing out of the ordinary has happened.

    You will never, ever again have the same serial number that you had on the original iphone. That serial number is , and always will be, ONLY on that particular iphone.
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    I think the original poster wants the phones serial / IMEI to match whats on the box. Hence the OCD comment.