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I have a very strange issue here. My iphone speaker works, sound projects out of it when I use the ipod app, when I turn my volume up and down in the setting menu. When I talk on the phone. But it's silent. Everywhere. My phone only vibrates when it rings, it won't play my ringtone. It doesn't make the lock sound when I lock it or the unlock sound when I unlock it. No keypad noises when I text, no shutter noise when I take a picture, no lightsaber sound when I use said app.

I just got the phone yesterday and it was working fine for awhile but I donno what I did. Help!!!

iPhone 3GS, iPhone OS 3.1.2
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    try a restore not from backup. if that doesn't work exchange it with the store that you bought it from.
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    I really don't think it's any hardware issue here. The sound works perfectly fine when I do voice commands, play music, and watch youtube. But everything in the apps does not work. they were earlier today, but everything is mute now.
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    a fresh restore should address any software issues.
    maybe if you installed a new app it did something... could look into that by uninstalling recent apps, but that may not undo a change that one of them made...
    restore (not from a backup) will start you over fresh... it if is still happening after a fresh restore it is a hardware issue.
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    I too have the exact same issue. In fact, a small search on the internet turned up many, many people who have had the exact same issue. The issue is that the phone is in headphone mode and won't come out of it. This happened to me after the last update. I had the phone plugged in updating and the headphones were plugged in. The update was interrupted. The update finished, however, after the update the sound issue started.

    I'm disturbed that Apple hasn't issued an official statement on this issue because many, many people are having this problem.