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I accidentally pressed a function key and a tutorial began for something called +"Voice Over".+ There were instructions printed onscreen and a computerized voice was reading them aloud. Apparently when you hit CONTROL and OPTION keys together with other keys they do something. Well...I didn't need to go through the whole tutorial since I accessed it by mistake so I pressed ESC to stop it. The tutorial stopped and I attempted to continue doing what I had been doing, however every time I hit a key or performed an action my computer "spoke" to me, telling me exactly what key I was pressing, what I was seeing, what I had just done, what I was about to do, etc. Also, on the lower left of the screen was a large window that wrote out every word the computer was "speaking". It seems like I somehow activated a setting for the hearing and/or visually impaired.

*QUESTION: How do I turn this function off? And what key did I accidentally touch that turned this function on so I know what to avoid in the future?* I have searched through the online manual and did a quick scan of other threads here but I did not see anything related to this issue. I could not find anything on Apple's "System Preferences" menu that applied either. All I could think of to do was mute the sound on my computer until I figure out how to turn "the voice" off.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me.

MacBook Pro, 15" monitor, Mac OS X (10.0.x), Purchased October 2009