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So, following a defrag on my XP based pc, when I connect my iPod touch to the pc via USB, the PC immediately blue screens. (STOP 0x0000007E 0xc00000005 0x00000000 0xf78ed7c4 0xf78ed4c0).

I suspect it may be the iPod touch USB driver? Is that likely? If so, how do I remove the corrupt driver and reinstall?


iPhone OS 3.1.2
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    Hello JayVee3,
    And welcome to Apple Discussions!

    Perhaps this Apple support document can assist you.


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    Thank-you B-Rock

    I tried all the suggested solutions in that TS, to no avail. I will call the Apple support line today, but if theren are any other suggestions....

    Much appreciated.
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    Thankfully, after a few changes and reviewing some of the other posts in this excellent forum, I have resolved the problem. It had nothing to do with the defrag at all. What I had omitted was that prior to the blue screen, I had installed the free Photoshop Mobile App from Adobe. By editing and saving a photo, a new directory was created in the photo albums. Then when I connected the iPod to my PC, for reasons best known to Aple (but see various other threads in this forum) the pc thought the iPod was a camera, and tried to load a USB camera driver. I assume this must have conflicted with an existing USB driver on my pc, causing it to "blue screen". By totally removing the app and the new album on my iPod, I was able to make my pc recognise the iPod as an iPod again. Shame, I thought the photoshop app was good, but I shall avoid it (and any other app that creates albums / photos) in future.

    Is there any obvious way to alert Apple to these sort of problems with third party apps - or possibly with their OS on the iPod which should be able to stop errors like this?
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    Is there any obvious way to alert Apple to these sort of problems with third party apps

    You could try submitting a bug report via the product feedback forms, JayVee. They can be a bit difficult to track down, so here's a link to the Touck feedback form:


    ... and here's one to a page where all the different hardware and software feedback forms are gathered together:

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    I'm also having problems, my pc is mistaking my ipod touch for a camera, I also have this Photoshop app. Is this really the reason?
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    If you have any photos you have taken on your touch (ie a screen shot) or a saved picture you have edited with Photoshop, the camera app will open to allow you to transfer the photo(s). Once you have done that, iTunes should be open as well.

    If it only recognizes your iPod as a camera, then look at this article: http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1500
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    Okay the article disabled the notification but it still appears as a camera and doesn't show in itunes
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    i had the same problem and my solution is to delete all the pictures taken by the ipod touch (saved pictures from safari and downloaded)

    with that done i could synch with my pc normaly.