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Im having problem installing flash player on mac osx.
Im pretty sure it's the correct version.
On the screen it says the installation was successful.
But i still cant watch any video (e.g youtube video, i failed to play them, it says i need to get a flash player although i have downloaded it.)

Anyone using a mac, and/or knows how to solve the issue?
If anyone knows, may i have some suggestion on how to solve the problem.

Thanks for the reply in advance.

MacBook Pro 13;, Mac OS X (10.6)
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    I'm assuming you're using Safari, on the top menu go to Help/Installed Plug Ins and look for:
    Shockwave Flash 10.0 r32 — from file “Flash Player.plugin”.

    If that's not there grab it from here:

    If you're using Firefox make sure Adblock isn't active and that's know to cause issues.

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    Yes, i'm using safari.
    I selected the installed plug-ins but it is blank, totally blank(white).
    I clicked on the link you gave me but it seems like i have installed it before already.

    1)Do you there is something blocking it? where can i check if there is.
    2)Do I need to install the adobe reader before i install the flash player?
    3)Do I need to connect it to a power supply when installing?
    4)Which other factor i need to take note of ?

    It stated installed successfully,but i still cant watch any video(since i bought it about two weeks ago).
    What else should i do to make it work?

    Thanks for the reply.

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    1) Look in /Library/Internet Plug Ins - you should see browser plug ins installed listed there, if that's empty then nothing is being installed globally (for all users) - if so look in Users/yourname/Library/Internet Plug Ins and see what's there.
    2) No Flash Player doesn't require the Reader
    3) No - but you will need to Authenticate as admin
    4) I wonder if it's a Permissions Issue - try running Disc Utility and 'Repair Permissions' on the hard drive.

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    There is nothing in the library/internet plug-ins.
    But in the disc utility there is the flash player.
    I click on verify, it says like the flash player 10 is okay.
    and i think i downloaded many times but cant, it dint work,
    therefore now there is 15folders and 34files.
    OMG, i wonder it is delete-able. Is it delete-able? (the file and folder) (can i just throw them in the trash?)
    if not it will occupy a lot of spaces.

    the repair disk permission cant be click, i think it is because nothing is wrong with the permission i suppose

    i really wish to watch video on my mac.
    any idea what is wrong?

    Thanks for your help.

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    I found this at the bottom on the utility page(installation of flash player).It says here, owner enabled: No

    is that the problem?
    how can I enable it?
  • iVmichael Level 6 (13,725 points)
    Trash all those folders and files (drag to Trash then File/Empty Trash)

    You have not installed it successfully so will need to do that again _but first_

    Run Disc Utility, SELECT THE HARD DRIVE then click "Repair Permissions" and let that complete

    What do you mean "in the disc utility there is the flash player" ??

    You need to install Flash Player for all users and authenticate as admin to do so.

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    Shockwave Flash 10.0 r32 — from file “Flash Player.plugin”. ( i can find the flash player but not shockwave flash now)
    There is two; that i found in internet plug-ins.
    one is flash player.plug-in. another one is flash player xpt.
    when i click on the flash player plugin, it says choose application.( which application should i choose?)
    may i know what's the next step i should do?
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    Hey iVmichael,

    I finally manage to find shockwave in the installed plug-ins files.
    In my previous post, what I meant was that the flash player is found is the utility disk but not now.
    However my problem is solved.
    It is actually the security issue.
    I went in the security(safari) and enable plug-ins.

    I'm so glad that I'm able to watch video now.
    Thanks a lot for your help. (: