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I was wondering if there is anyway i could use my imac 24 inch as a display for my PS3, possibly by means of HDMI. the imac is the june 2009 24" model with the 1920x1200 display.
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    The only iMac with built-in video input is the new 27-inch model, and that currently only works with DisplayPort input.

    Other iMac models do not have any type of built-in video input. There are video input devices that work through USB, but they are typically designed to capture a TV signal (both standard and HD) for DVR functionality, so it is probably not ideal for using with a PS3. However, since a PS3 is designed to work with HDTVs, it may work. You can display a live signal in a window, and expand that window to full screen mode. If you want to look into it, the most popular products of this type are made by Elgato and Miglia.
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    no, it wasnt to much of a serious question, i was just wondering, cause i have one ps3 but when my friends come over it would be cool to have a second one to play online with them, and i dont really want to buy another TV, haha.... but thanks anyways
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    I wasn't suggesting that you buy a whole TV, just one of those devices that makes the iMac act like a TV/DVR. For example,


    I have an older one from Daystar Technology, and I can play the signal from my TiVo box (standard def) in a window on my iMac. I don't record anything; I most use it to watch the stuff I recorded on my TiVo, on my iMac's screen.

    Since a PS3 is designed to connect to a TV, I thought it might be possible to use one of the USB interface devices that makes the iMac act like a TV. I don't know how it would work with an HD signal.
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    i know you weren't suggesting i get another TV, i was saying that i was looking for an alternative way of playing another PS3, haha, to avoid having to get another TV, or really buying anything else except maybe a few cords or something :P
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    thanks for your help gotta love these forums... keep up the good work with helping people