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My business partner and I are using a WD My Passport Extreme connected to an Airport Extreme as a poor man’s shared drive as we work to try to get our new business off the ground. My partner is on a pc and I am on a mac and the shared drive solution works very well when we are accessing it from our local network.

We have just set up a vpn though and have been unable to access the shared drive remotely. The router we are using is the Linksys RVS4000. The airport is attached to the Linksys router and is running in bridge mode. We are able to establish a remote VPN connection to the RVS4000 when we are off-site, but we can’t access the shared drive. We have attempted to map the drive when we are connected via VPN and cannot establish a connection. I've spent hours trying to find a solution and Am at a loss. Any thoughts on what the fix is here?

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    Does the Airport Extreme have an internal IP address? If it does you should be able to use command+k or Connect to Server from the Go Menu. Supply its IP address and access the shared drive that way.

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    Many thanks. That worked for me on my mac. Any idea what the equivalent to cmmd k is on a pc? That's what my business partner uses. Do I have to somehow install AFP on his computer or is there some windows protocol that will work?

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    Not done this myself from a PC but from the Run menu (assuming XP) you should be able to use:


    The IP address should be enough?