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I recently copied my entire iTunes library to a new hard drive and just noticed that my digital booklets are no longer showing up as line items in the iTunes player. The PDF files are on the hard drive and are accessible if I go to the correct folders, but I can't see them in the iTunes player itself. I've tried using "Add A File To Library" and "Add A Folder To Library." I've also tried dragging the PDF file icons into the iTunes player. Nothing seems to work. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Dell Vostra 200, Windows XP
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    I am having the same problem. I am organizing my music files and i noticed that all the digital booklets are left behind in their original location when i consolidate the library. But when i tried to put the booklets back using "Add Files to Library" it shows as "Unknown Artist - Unknown Album". When i manually put the digital booklet back into the correct album directory, itunes still wont recognize it. I have no idea what to do!!!
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    I am also seeing this issue. Did anyone find a solution to re-associate the digital booklets with the albums?
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    Digital Booklets are just standard .pdf files, they don't contain any special headers or tags that iTunes can process. To view them you need to install Adobe Acrobat Reader or a compatible viewer. iTunes normally titles these files *Digital Booklet - <Album Title>*. If you remove & reimport a digital booklet the only information will be this title, however once you've identified the file in iTunes you can use Get Info to set the values of Artist, Album Artist & Album after which it will be listed with the tracks of the album.

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    @turingtest2. Thanks for your response! I see what you mean and have used that to solve the issue. There was an additional twist though. However, part of the problem is that the original poster (Rob724) could not get the files to appear as line items in iTunes. They will not appear in iTunes by just placing the file in the album folder nor by using "Automatically Add to iTunes" folder functionality. One must add the *.pdf file using the *File>Add File to Library...* menu item. After that, the file will appear as a line item but only at the END of your track listings. At that point, you can do as turingtest2 suggests and reassociate the file using the Get Info attributes.
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    What I've discovered is that the PDF can be reimported into iTunes after all, but because they lose all the metatag data, they don't get sorted with the rest of the album in iTunes. If you go into your Recently Added list, they'll be there without any artist or album data. If you go into "Get Info" and manually re-enter the artist and album titles, then they should sort with the rest of the album as before.