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On Sunday I got a new silver 160gb ipod classic. Today in unpackaged it followed the quick start instructions, so connected ipod to the computer to charge, registered it, and then chose to sync (autosync) my iTunes library, and everything was going fine about a quarter of the way through. I decided to leave the computer to let it finish and charge fully. However when I returned it said there had been an error syncing "JAMES'S iPOD". So I decided to sync again, and now when I try and sync it comes up with the message "Attempting to copy the disk ~ JAMES'S IPO ~ failed. An Unknown error occured (-81)", and then when I press ok on that the message "The iPod ~ JAMES'S IPOD ~ cannot be synced. An Unknown error has occured (-48)".

I'm a bit confused as to why this seems to happen with my brand new ipod, and want to get using it! Does anyone have any idea what may be the problem?

Thanks , let me know if you need any more info

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iPod Classic 160gb Silver, Windows XP
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    Another attempt to sync Ipod and my music on iTunes has ended with this message coming up : "Attempting to copy to the disk ~ JAMES'S IPOD ~ failed. The disk could not be read from or written to"

    Not sure if this new message sheds any more light on my problem. Getting very frustrated though!
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    Attempting to copy to the disk ~ JAMES'S IPOD ~ failed. The disk could not be read from or written to"

    Afraid that there's a number of things that can cause that one. The following document gives a list of options to work through:

    ["Disk cannot be read from or written to" when syncing iPod or "Firmware update failure" error when updating or restoring iPod|http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1207]
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    I can not sync my ipod at all. It's an ipod Nano - is there any help ?
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    I've got the same exact problem. mine says:
    "The iPod "iPod" cannot be synced. An unknown error has occured (-48)."
    I've had my iPod now for about 2 years and I usually don't have too many problems with it. I've tried everything that apple has suggested, except for the restore option. NO WAY AM I RESTORING MY iPOD!!! I've got like over 2000 songs on that thing and they aren't backed up! It's too much work to back up all those songs. I've reinstalled iTunes, I've restarted my computer and my iPod, but no matter what happens I can't put new music on it. I can listen to the music on and off my computer, but I can't make any changes. This is driving me crazy. I haven't been able to put new songs on my iPod in a while and have been listening to the same old things. Now that I've finally able to download new ones this thing just craps out on me. I just want to put new songs on my iPod, but can't. What's the point of having an iPod you can't change it? Also for some reason i've got duplicate songs that I now can't erase. Apple is just letting me down more and more lately.
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    Just an update

    My iPod seems to be working fine now and is syncing with my iTunes. After trying to restart computer, checking I had latest Windows service pack, and seeing if it worked on other computers (it didn't), I decided I should just restore and see what happens. I restore and then when it detects my iPod again it simply installs the latest update for my iPod and then begins to sync and works successfully. So, I assume the problem was the iPod did not have the latest software update (despite it saying it has the latest software update and would not need to check until 12/12).

    To the person above, maybe you should try getting the latest software update for the iPod and see if that works. I have a feeling I didn't actually need to restore, just needed to update. Anyway good luck
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    Excellent news, james. Glad you got things working again.