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Firstly apologies if I am not posting this topic in the right area! But hopefully someone can help me...

I have an iPhone and an iPod nano linked to my iTunes (v.9 on Windows XP), and there is a 'Top 25 Most Played' playlist. On both my iTunes and iPod it shows the correct songs, but on my iPhone under this playlist it is a random selection of songs, most of which I have only played once or twice, this list of songs does not change no matter how many times I sync my iPhone. Is there any reason this playlist will not sync properly to my iPhone? I have never had this problem before, it only happened a few weeks ago.

iPhone 3G, Windows XP
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    From a previous post....It worked for me...

    Simply go the Playlists sidebar on the left side of iTunes, right click (or option-click) the playlist (this is the iTunes playlist we're talking about, not under the iPhone in the sidebar), select Edit Smart Playlist and untick "Live Updating". Sync your iPhone and then if you want to turn back on Live Updating with accurate results you'll have to go back in and retick it, and add a new rule where "Playlist" "is" "Music". Sync again and things should be back to normal.

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    okai i'm having this problem. I followed up to creating the smart playlist...then u said to sync my ipod..how do i do that? plus i should let you know that my music are on cds..so i dont syunc my ipod with the music on my pc.