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Hi, I downloaded a trial version of a product called Snow Leopard Cache Cleaner from the Apple Download site. I since choose not to use it, but something else. I deleted the program BUT, a VERY annoying yellow box keeps popping up every 2o mins or so asking me to Register/Buy it. I cannot locate where this is sitting on my Mac, and cannot email the company as it wont allow you to (their website) any ideas???

2.93GHz Intel Core duo,4GB,1.0TBHD,NIVIDIA GT130, Mac OS X (10.6), PSE,FTM
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    here's my suggestion. It's a "trial and error" procedure.

    use EasyFind to seach for all files, including invisible files, everywhere on your hard drive, that contain the word "Cleaner" or "register" , some abbreviation thereof, or the name of the company that makes the software. Spotlight probably wouldn't find everything but EasyFind will.

    In this way you may be able to identify the offending file. When you've identified it, EasyFind will then give the option of either destroying it or moving it to the trash.

    But if you're not 100% sure it's the correct file, instead of destroying/trashing it, just move it to your desktop (where it won't be accessible to your system).

    If the problem persists, then it wasn't that file. So move that file back to where it came from and try another one.

    And so on.
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    Sorry to say, this did not work. It does not come up anywhere, yet it is still "popping" up on my desktop. I have tried contacting the company that made it, but none of their email addresses work!
    Am becoming VERY annoyed with this.
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    Have a look at the following...


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    I tried this, but it will not connect, says address does not exist.
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    It's to do with the fact that Safari wont connect to address with "mailto" as part of the address, have tried sending via yahoo, lets see what happens.
    Thanks for your help.
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    Did you follow the instructions on the right hand side of the page
    entitled "How do I uninstall Snow Leopard Cache Cleaner"?

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    I have tried what the manual tells you to do-no go. I do not have a "how do I...", on the right hand side of the companies web page.
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    The instructions are on the right side of the page that opens if
    you goto the link above...

    Here is the content:

    How do I uninstall Snow Leopard Cache Cleaner

    sLCC is an application, and thus uninstalling is fairly easy. A key to removing it however is to ensure that Automatic Maintenance is off. Instructions to do this are detailed in the users manual. Once Automatic Maintenance is off, just drag sLCC to the trash and it is uninstalled. If you wish to be thorough, you can also trash the Preference files as well. If you have already deleted sLCC, please feel free to download it again to complete the removal process.

    If you prefer, you can remove sLCC manually instead. In the Terminal or Activity Monitor applications, kill the sLCC engine process. In the System Preferences, remove the sLCC Engine from the Login Items. In your Preferences, delete the sLCC related files.