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Hi, I am very new to macs, in fact, before today, I only used garage band at school. So one of my friends let me borrow his G4-DA(466Mhz). And straight away I ran into a problem. The network/internet won't work. It is the normal network card that came in it, connected to ethernet, and my router is a Linksys WRT4GL. It is connected to the ethernet through one of those networking-through-the-mains things, which works fine with any computer I could test it with. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

G4 - DA, Mac OS X (10.4.11), 466Mhz
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    Welcome to the discussions.
    It is no different connecting a PC or a Mac.
    Your Internet Service Provider furnishes you a Modem, from it you ethernet cable to your choice of ROUTER and if you have a port or more connect an ethernet cable from the router to the computer.
    Go to your Blue Apple upper left and then select System Preferences.When it opens select Network and then select Built in Ethernet and restart the computer and you should be good to go.
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    If you open the panes of Built-in Ethernet, there is a button at the bottom labeled "Assist Me". This will bring up your choice of a set-up Wizard or a network Diagnostic, both of which can help you converge on settings that get you online in a hurry, or determine what the problem may be.
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    I tried both ways, didn't work. I have it working bridged through my windows 7 laptop but is there a more permanent fix?

    The ethernet to internet route is as follows: Cable from mac to wall adapter, to router, to my cable box(my modem is built into there) to internet. My connection is broadband.
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    Sounds like the wall adapter is the problem. Directly hook up the Mac to the router.
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    There is usually no limit to the length of cables between the cable entry point and your cable modem, and between your cable modem and your Router, or between your Router and your first computer.

    One way to re-think the connection problem is to reconsider where you have placed the components. For example, what about putting the Router next to one of the computers. Or placing ALL the components next to the computers rather than at the cable entry-point.
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    Turns out it was my wall adapters...