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Does anyone have or know how to find the URL iTunes uses to access the app store?

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    Thanks for replying, but that link just tries to open iTunes. I had the tech guy here at work open the internet and it works just fine, but when he closes off the internet to certain places it kind of goes away. I need the URL that iTunes uses to access the app store to add to the list of acceptable URL's so I can access the app store when the proxy server is running.
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    that link just tries to open iTunes.

    That's what is supposed to happen. Links to any part of the iTunes Store only work through iTunes. But to the best of my knowledge, that is indeed the URL iTunes uses to get to the main App page. But that's not going to be enough for working with a proxy server if it's only allowing specific URLs to connect.

    If you need a full specific URL for the proxy server, you're probably not going to be able get one that will work since the iTunes Store uses multiple URLs and URL formats depending on the country and where in the store the user is attempting to go. If, however, the proxy server is filtering by domains, try adding these:

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    Well we are getting closer, thanks for the info, now I can see the app store and everything. I can open up links for music and video but if I click on any app link it still says "Could not complete the iTunes store request. The store may be busy" it's the same error that was happening with everything and now is only happening with the apps. We tried to add "iTunes.apple.com/us/app" but it still doesn't work...
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    Any other ideas??