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Just a question regarding the options in the menu when you hold option+command while opening your iPhoto Library (09).

When you rebuild from automatic backup, it places copies of your library data into a folder labelled "Before Restore". Does it use these as the backups from which it reads? I mean, I must've done this several times already, as I have 7 "Before Restore" folders. This is taking GBs of data, that is probably just a failsafe. What happens if I remove these? Does anyone know much about the inner workings of iPhoto 09?
  • Terence Devlin Level 10 Level 10 (134,480 points)
    A Before Restore folder is created each time you Rebuild from the Automatic Back Up. It contains 4 files, copies of the main db files. It does not take up GBs of data. The Main db file on my 22k image library is 24 mb. I have removed these folders and re-opend iPhoto with no ill effects. Be sure to back up first, before you do.

    Of more concern is why you are rebuilding so often?


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    I was curious where iPhoto was pulling backup data from when it performed a restore from backup if it's not from these before restore folders. I'll probably just leave them be, but just wanted to know the inner workings. My main database file is close to 300 MB, so after 7 restores, it's a couple of GB.

    I've done restores in the past as kind of maintenance. I know it's not necessary, but I guess I thought it might clean up performance when I mess things up, such as accidentally saving things to the iPhoto library directly (not through iPhoto). I know enough not to mess with the library. This last time it was QuickTime. I edited some movies via QuickTime, which opens from iPhoto when you play a file. That was weeks ago. Today I was editing a movie outside of iPhoto and because I was usin QuickTime, i hadn't noticed, but it's default folder became the folder within iPhoto and it saved it into there. I removed it , but thought I'd better clean it up by rebuilding it.