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I was wondering how to sync the music on my work PC to my iphone. Every time i tried to do that it suggested to erase all the information. I have read on the forums it is meant to work only with 1 PC??? What's the point? Is there any work-around?

PS: Is this legal? Because i have never this feature on ipod, nor was i warned of this during the purchase?

PC, Windows XP
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    You cannot. By design, the iPhone syncs iTunes-managed media content (music, videos, photos, apps) with _one and only one_ computer. Contacts/calendars/bookmarks can be synced with multiple computers.

    In this regard, the iPhone is different from most iPods (although the iPod Touch behaves just like the iPhone in this regard).

    The workaround is to move the music via other means (flash drive, burned DVD, etc.) so that it's all on one computer, and sync to that computer.
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    The iPhone can sync iTunes content with only one computer at a time. That's how it works. We users in the forum don't know why it works that way, only that it does.

    All you can do to get around it is to replicate music from one computer onto the other, and then only sync with that one.
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    I have a related problem: I keep my business stuff on a Windoze machine (Outlook etc), and have my music at home. My (new and shiny!) iPhone 3G S syncs beautifully with outlook via iTunes at work, and I got a few songs from there onto the iPhone as well. I now want to sync with my music at home, and get the alarming error message that "all iTunes content will be erased if I sync with the Mac at home" or something to that effect. I'd be quite happy with the music on the iPhone being replaced with the music from my home machine, but I'd like to keep the outlook-based information on the iPhone at all cost. On the home machine, I have no connection to Outlook. I suppose this hinges on whether the diary from Outlook is classified by iPhone as "iTunes content", if that makes sense?

    Can I sync the music with the machine at home, and the diary with the machine at work...?

    Any help would be really appreciated!


    PS, as an aside, I bought the iPhone because the IT helpfolks at work could not sync my Outlook Diary with a Windows phone (no kidding!), so I thought what chance do I have if anything goes wrong with the sync process and the Windows phone? They said the one phone they never have problems with integrating with Outlook is the iPhone, and yes, the iPhone synced on the first attempt.

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    "Can I sync the music with the machine at home, and the diary with the machine at work...?"

    Yes, you can sync stuff like contacts & events with multiple computers, music, videos, etc. with only one.

    On your work computer make sure that music, etc is not checked on any of the tabs. Just contacts & calendars. On your home computer reverse everything, just check music, etc. No checks for calendars or contacts on the info tab.

    Although, if it were me I'd sync everything with my home computer, that way I'd have a complete backup, and only contacts & calendars with the work computer.
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    Just did, and it worked a treat! Thanks for the reassurance, and the VERY quick response!!